All You Need To Know About PET/CT scan

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PET scan or Positron emission tomography scan is done by small amounts of radioactive materials which are called as radiotracers, it is a superior camera connected with a computer to help appraise the function of your tissue and organ. It identifies the change of body at the cellular level and tries to detect the early inception of the disease. Various type of imaging test is done for this testing purpose.

If you have a kidney problem or pregnancy then inform it to your doctor. He will instruct about best dose and type of examination for your disease. Also discuss amount any medical conditions, recent illnesses, a medicine which you are taking and allergies. Do not eat or drink anything from the morning of test day and wait till your scan end.

Nuclear medicine is one of the branches of medical imaging which use small amounts of radioactive material for the diagnosis of several diseases and make the proper determination of it. All type of cancers, heart disease, endocrine, gastrointestinal, neurological disorders and all abnormalities of your body can identify by this process. The nuclear medicine procedures are the pinpoint molecular activity of your body, which offers the potential for identifying the disease at the earliest stages. So people can start the therapy for the recovery purpose.

Useful for PET and PET/CT scans:

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  1. For detecting cancer.
  2. It determine the range of cancer
  3. Making the assessment of the effective treatment and therapy procedure.
  4. If cancer return after the treatment then this scanning process can determine it.
  5. Determine the blood flow to your heart muscle.
  6. Effect of heart attack also recovers by this process.
  7. Calculate brain abnormalities, such as tumors, seizures, memory disorders, and all the central nervous system.
  8. Make the heart function of your body.
Preparation of PET CT scan

The doctor of PET CT Mumbai will ask you to wear grown at the time of examination or they may allow you to wear your own clothes it depends on the institution. You may be asked to wear a gown during the exam or you may be allowed to wear your own clothing. If you’re pregnant or taking any medicine or vitamin or herbal supplement then you have to inform it to the physician. Also, inform about your allergies and recent illnesses or any other medical conditions. For the diabetic patients’ physician give special instruction to prepare them for the examination.

Breastfeeding is also not safe at the time of examination so consult about it with your doctors. Do not wear any metal objects like eyeglass, denture, jewelry, and hairpin at the time of examination. Remove the entire thing before the exam to get the appropriate result of your examination.

Conclusion: PET scanner is a large machine of round size a doughnut-shaped hole is available in the middle of the machine. If doctor is recommending CT scan for you then choose the best institution for you and make this test in an efficient and best way. A perfect process only saves you from several risks of this PET scan.