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Responsible Spying on Kids: Does it exist?

1:04 AM Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

If I ask the same question to people who campaign for privacy they will reject my thoughts outrightly. However, there are persons who believe that responsible spying can be possible if mutual approval, faith, and respect are involved.

With kids spending a considerable chunk of their overall time in the digital space it becomes more than essential to take the help of an application through which you can track your kid’s online activities so as to protect them from any kind of cyberbullying and pedophilic offenses as the incidents of both are on the rise.

As kids own a smartphone much before their age of maturity, if proper care is not taken, they are bound to fall for cyberbullying and land into the black pit of depression and anxiety. A significant percentage of kids have confessed that they went out to meet the stranger whom they got in contact over the internet.

This makes them vulnerable to being sexually exploited by pedophiles. Every day newspapers are filled up with the relative news. Thus, it becomes understandable on the parent’s part to take help of an advanced parental control application which enables them to keep a check over their kid’s online activities, text messages, and chats over social messenger applications like Facebook, SnapChat or WhatsApp. This way parents are alerted of the incoming danger if any, well before in advance and they are able to ensure the safety and security of their kid in his/her vulnerable stages.

Some of these parental control applications, such as mSpy, even provide parents with the option of handyortung ohne zustimmung or mobile phone tracking without approval. With the help of GPS; parents can actually track their kid’s location. Moreover, the provision of geo-tagging enables the parents to mark a virtual fence over the digital map. Whenever their kid will cross the virtual fence immediately an alert will be fired on the parent’s mobile device.

Crossing the Line with Parental Control Tools
The most common danger that comes with these technologies is that most parents will tend to overuse it. Constantly hovering over your kids like a satellite and asking questions such as - why did you go here? What were you doing there? – drastically reduces the independence of the kids which is an essential element and is required for the development of a child’s decision-making ability and to develop into responsible adults.

Thus, the need of the hour is to convey your kids the reason as to why you are monitoring them so that the kids understand and themselves take steps to be in the safe zone. Until and unless you talk, share and communicate and be honest about what you are doing and why; mutual respect and faithfulness can’t be achieved while spying.

Spying must be done, keeping in mind safety and protection. But, when the spying activities are done for verification purposes, parents generally go overboard and as a result, the overall development of their kids is hampered.