Characteristics As The Deciding Factors Of Best Independent Movies

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Different factors are considered as the basis of deciding whether any movie is independent or not. It may depend upon its place of origin and other significant aspects. It has happened many times that the film not considered to be an independent has won the independent film award while the movie that was considered as an independent one by many people was just ignored. The film community has been engaged in long conversations on this issue but no agreeable outcomes have been arrived at. Many people consider a movie that has been originated outside the Hollywood as the independent one while others do not agree with it. A large section of the people think that any movie made outside the traditional studio system of Hollywood, Bollywood or the Pinewood may be defined as an independent movie. But this idea has been rejected with the rise of major studios including Paramount Vantage and the Fox Searchlight.

Participation of the prominent directors or actors may not be the basis of independent movies like the best independent movies of 2016. Likewise huge amounts of money in localizations, special effects and digital postproductions etc may also not contribute much towards the aspects related to independent movies. Focus is generally emphasized on the real histories that are nearer to the masses. Many people say that the movies with fast-food tie-ins should not be considered as the independent ones. However, few guys think that the term independent should be attributed for the film itself and not the sources of its funding. Going against the system is not considered as the independent but one is always independent as regards money and its sources.

Literally, independent means freedom. Things have changed a lot as regards producing films. There is no hard and fast rule to decide whether a movie is an independent or not. The role of the director is an important aspect that sees the movie to be an independent one or not. Other factors like the photography and sound etc are helpful in expressing the creativity and capturing the feelings that also decide the movie to be an independent one or not. Relationships with a study are also the deciding factors for the film to be independent or not. Different formats and ideas used in the film also indicate towards the independence aspect of any film like the best independent movies of 2016. It includes the color and techniques.

The director’s own artistic vision is also the deciding factor for the movie to be independent or not. His or her broad vision is helpful in enjoying freedom in the creative process as the regards the film and its direction. Some of the best independent movies of 2016 include Mojave, Eisenstein in Guanajuato and Term Life. Likewise many people have considered Embrace of the Serpent and Knight of Cups as the best independent movies in 2016. Hello, My Name is Doris and I Saw the Light has also been considered in the same category of best movies.

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