Third Trimester in Pregnancy: What is to be expected?

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On completing the second trimester, the pregnant woman enters the third trimester stage. On reaching this particular stage, it becomes all the more important to take extreme precaution of self and that of the baby growing inside the womb.

It is at the end of this stage that she will be required to be prepared to deliver the baby. Hence she is to be mentally and physically fit. Also, the baby’s health is to be in good condition. However, there can be several types of discomforts that she is likely to suffer from during this stage.

Taking care
There are available home remedies that can be availed to get rid of the discomfort and inconvenience faced, but with great precaution. Also, it will be wise to first consult the qualified physician or gynecologist to know what needs to be done and avoided if any type of discomfort is faced. Expert recommendations will be about exercises to be performed, food to eat and what all needs to be avoided.

Following them stringently can help the pregnant woman to avoid lots of discomforts that are generally experienced by majority of women, passing through this stage. With some pregnancy tips and using baby kick monitor will help to determine self health and that of the growing baby.

Few discomforts that might be experienced during the third trimester stage
  • Lots of fatigue: This is quite commonly experienced and is mainly due to gain in weight with the development of the child’s size. Weight can be kept track of by using the latest weight calculator app or weight tracker app, meant specifically for pregnancy.
  • Changes in internal muscle tone and hormonal imbalances may cause constipation and heartburn. Hence, it will be necessary to avoid acidic food at this point of time to control the situation.
  • There can be shortness of breath because of uterus expansion. This in turn presses the other organs and more specially the lungs.
  • Frequent bathroom visits. The baby’s head puts pressure upon the bladder, thus increasing urination frequency and also cause urine leakage.
  • More kicks are experienced from the baby due to continuous changing positions. Using kick counter wristband can help to monitor it.
  • Wide nipples and enlarged breasts. Yellow fluid known as colostrums oozes from the nipples occasionally.
  • Weight gain leads to back ache and frontal pressure on enlarged breasts.
  • Vague dreams and sleep problems
  • Puffiness in face and swelling in ankles due to retention of water.
  • Varicose veins and stretch marks appear
  • Braxton Hicks contractions. There is experienced a crazy feeling of the lower belly loosening or tightening. Often, it is mistakenly seen as labor pain.
Generally, the above problems are found to be overcome due to joy of attaining motherhood and feeling of anticipation of the small baby, be it for the first or any number of times. According to the health experts, it is always a wise idea to keep proper track of the baby’s development progress.