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4 Activities to Enjoy Spring Weather in Vaughan

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Vaughan is a small, sweet town in Ontario, about an hour north of Toronto, which makes it centrally placed. Although you're near the TO, an undeniably exciting city, the odds are good that you won't want to leave Vaughan, especially not in the middle of its gorgeous springtime flush. As the town's conservation areas bloom with new life, everything comes alive—and you will, too.
Spend a Day in Wonderland

Come spring, everyone's dying to get outdoors and celebrate the return of the sun. As the weather brightens and the temperatures finally warm, Canadians and visitors alike descend on Canada's Wonderland, a theme park that encompasses 330 acres of fun and excitement. The amusement park is probably best known for its collection of roller coasters, which includes the fastest and tallest coaster in the country, the longest wooden coaster, and the first inverted roller coaster in Canada.
On the grounds, you'll also find Splash Works, which has the most massive outdoor wave pool in the country, along with Whitewater Bay, where you can relax a bit. Adults and children of all ages are welcome to the park, but there are plenty of attractions that are just for the kids, such as mazes, meeting and photo ops with their favorite fictional characters, and live performances.
Sustain Yourself at the Kortright Centre
The Kortright Centre for Conservation is equal parts natural habitat and educational opportunity. In the spring, wildflowers and trees blossom throughout the 325 hectares that compose the conservation land. Not only can you hike the many trails, explore the woods, and picnic in the meadows, but you can also take the boardwalk over the marsh, observe the native animals, flowers, and plants, and learn about them. From self-guided hikes to walks and lectures with a bat expert, you have the opportunity to get familiar with new animals while learning valuable lessons about conservation and sustainable technology.
Relax by the Water
For a quiet, tranquil vacation, check out hotels in Vaughan that are close to Boy Conservation Area. It's different from Kortright, though just as beautiful. Don River and Humber River intersect at Boyd, which is something of an oasis right in town. You have the opportunity to play in green open spaces and meander through the forests, always with the water nearby. It's the ideal spot on those spring afternoons where the temperatures finally start cresting toward the high end of the thermometer.
Experience Living History
Vaughan is home to a wonderful living history museum that showcases what life was like in the late 18th and early 19th centuries: Black Creek Pioneer Village. The heritage museum takes place almost entirely out in the open, including several historical buildings and homesteads—some original and some replicas. You can interact with the actors, who won't break character no matter how cleverly you try while experiencing a bygone era.
Springtime in Vaughan is a magical time, even more so than in other parts of the world. The combination of city excitement and country serenity is delightful, particularly for travelers in need of a vacation.