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4 Child Approved Experiences in Mount Laurel

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Mount Laurel, New Jersey, and the surrounding areas offer a variety of excellent kid-friendly activities. If you are looking to plan a weekend getaway with your kids, Mount Laurel is an ideal destination. Here are four of the best child approved experiences in the Mount Laurel area.
The Elite Climbing Experience

Elite Climbing is a rock climbing gym with programs for kids ages five and up. Your kids will be paired with professional instructors to learn the basics of rock climbing. The gym offers youth climbing classes, minicamps, and family packages. Climbing is an excellent activity for kids and helps them to improve skills like balance, coordination, and flexibility. 
All of Elite's classes teach kids about climbing safety, proper foot and body positioning, and different types of holds. Elite Climbing is a great activity for kids to try out, and if they really enjoy climbing, there are additional classes they can take.
Aunt Selma's Candy Shop
For a sweet treat, take your kids for a visit to Aunt Selma's Candy Shop. The shop is known for its gourmet chocolates, delicious cookies, and other decadent sweets. Aunt Selma's also offers a variety of activities for kids and is an excellent place to host kids' birthday parties. Your child can choose to have a candy-making party, painting party, or storybook party right in the shop! If you are looking for ideas for your kids' next birthday, Aunt Selma's Candy Shop is an excellent venue.
Paws Discovery Farm

Paws Discovery Farm is an amazing place where your kids can learn about and interact with dozens of animals and birds. It is specially geared to kids and has a petting zoo, a nature trail, a butterfly garden, and plenty of play areas. There are also plenty of events such as live animal workshops and shows in the Barnyard Theater. 
A visit to Paws Discovery Farm is both an educational and fun experience for kids as they can learn about different kinds of animals. They will also love meeting some of the animals, including pygmy goats, chicks, alpaca, emus and many others! The farm is located right in Mount Laurel, and as an added plus, there are plenty of kid-friendly hotels nearby. 
Paint a Treasure
Paint a Treasure has a wide assortment of pottery, canvases and other items that customers can paint and take home. The Paint and Take Pottery option is kid-friendly and is an excellent creative activity for kids to participate in. They can choose a piece of pottery, paint it themselves, and finish their piece off with varnishes, glitter, or even rhinestones. If your child enjoys the experience, you can also consider holding his or her birthday party there. 
These are just some of the activities the Mount Laurel area has to offer. While it may be a lesser known destination, it is definitely worth a visit and there is plenty for the kids to enjoy. If you're struggling to come up with ideas for your next family vacation, consider giving Mount Laurel a try.