Company Culture - Finding an Office Solution That Works for Your Entire Team

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Company culture develops over time, but when established, it can boost employee morale and productivity. Company culture is shaped by a number of things including the brand being sold to consumers. However, in today’s fast-paced, technologically rich business environment, it is often difficult establishing a culture that promotes business growth.

One of the main factors in establishing company culture is related to the workplace.

Conventional formats rely on traditional office space that requires businesses to pay rent on top of the amenities that go with managing an office, but these offices cannot always provide the support needed for team culture. However, there are other options in the office space industry that can help your team achieve the cohesiveness needed to establish a positive company culture.

Keep reading to learn how you can establish a corporate culture that works for your business.

Choosing Space

Not that you cannot use the serviced office and executive suite for team building, but other office spaces promote culture simply by their organisation. Of the many different types of serviced offices, the two that can really help promote company culture are the virtual office and the co-working space. Because these office formats are a little more fluid, businesses might find that they can think outside of the box when it comes to activities related to building company culture. Furthermore, these two formats move businesses out of the traditional confines of the formal office.

The virtual office is simply a remote-working format that allows businesses to lease the use of meeting and conference rooms, in addition to the traditional office amenities at low cost. For businesses trying to establish a positive company culture, this format works because it allows you to take your business wherever you go. In terms of company culture, this format is conducive to planning events where businesses can be done as a part of team building activities.

The co-working office, while similar in concept, offers businesses the use of desk space, in addition to the same amenities found in the virtual office. The great thing about co-working spaces is that they often come with the opportunity to network and form collaborations. Billed as a place for the start-up, these enclaves are almost communities themselves. In fact, one of the main focuses of the co-working concept is to build community, which can aid your business in building its own culture.

Review Your Mission

Every business, regardless of industry, has a mission. Your mission simply dictates the purpose of your company and any goals it is trying to achieve outside sales. In developing company culture, think about various strategies in developing these goals, and this should be completed with team members. Every so often, meet to revisit these strategies and to make sure everyone is on the same page. Use your conference and meeting room capabilities to draw everyone into the same discussion surrounding company strategic goals.

Connect Socially

Mix business with pleasure. Get to know your co-workers on a more personal level and do more than just a happy hour. Retreats, breakfast, lunch and dinner meetings, and even workshops all provide your company with the chance to form the type of cohesiveness that defines culture. With co-working spaces, the leases usually include social activities designed to engender participation in the type of team building that defines company culture.

Building A Culture For Everyone

Company culture can be established in other ways. However, by finding office space that forces employees to engage one another, you have established a foundation for team building. Other activities that are a part of establishing culture like strategizing and socialising help you and your team create a culture around company goals.