How to treat cancer in a natural manner

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There are a host of options in order to treat cancer. The list includes stem cell therapy, surgery to name a few. You need to be aware that the treatment of cancer is dependent on the stage you find yourself at. Before you head over to the best oncologist in India there are some home remedies which you can perform in the comfort of your home.

Cancer is a disease where the group of cells are known to multiply. They do become localized at a particular point of time known as tumour. These cells then go on to divide rapidly via the blood stream. A point is going to reach which will lead to death. All these cells may appear as lumps. If you do not detect at an early stage it can lead to cancer. By internal or external stimuli cancer is caused. There are various types of cancer and each of them has various symptoms to show for as well. There are certain home remedies which plan to prevent it. In case of others, the onus would be to stimulate the immune system. For patients who are undergoing radiation or chemotherapy there are certain treatments which may be of a lot of help. Let us now explore the various types of cancer treatment

Radiation therapy

Here you go on to directly target the cancer cells by providing high doses of radiation. The tumour is killed when you shrink it and then the cancer cells are killed. In fact there are various side effects of this form of treatment that may lead to fatigue, hair loss, nausea etc. You need to understand that that radiation therapy is often accompanied by other forms of treatment as well.


Here the drugs are administered inside the body for treatment. With the help of this drug, the size of the tumour cells is reduced and it goes on to prevent cancer as well. It can be provided via topical or oral means as well. You need to understand that it is performed in cycles. Generally it is performed intervals and after a sitting you are known to get a gap of 3 to 4 weeks. This form of treatment does also go on to have side effects like nausea, loss of hair etc.


This happens to be the last resort as far as cancer treatment is concerned. You can say that it is performed when all other form of treatment have failed to yield in the desired results.  In fact you need to be aware of the pros along with cons before you opt for a surgery. Here by means of an operation you do go on to remove the cancer cells. With the help of sharp tools different parts of the body are cut. Then you do reach out to the tumour. With the help of lasers, surgeons do not require to cut the area. But there is risk in the chances of infection.

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