How to Guard Your Coloured Hair from Dandruff?

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Hair makes a great statement for everyone. Whether you are a male or female; you can find your hair leaving a great impact on you. You can make sure that your hair gives you the experience and charm that you look for. If your hair is stylish but not healthy; you might face plenty of challenges in your day today life. You might find your hair irritating you and troubling you all the time.

If you feel you are a victim of extensive dandruff, you need to do something about it. You cannot avoid dandruff and let it go easily. You have to use products that can help you fight dandruff. Even if you have treated or coloured hair; you can make sure that you have that right product in hand like Dandruff shampoo for color treated hair that can help you eradicate dandruff from your hair and life that too without inflicting any harm on your coloured hair.

Cap is not a solution

If you think that you would always wear a stylish or fancy cap or hat to hide your hair dandruff then you are really wrong. It might be a good temporary treatment but not a lifelong one.   Cap would not do any good to your hair care. Rather you would end up losing the charm of your hair. 

You got the hair coloured because of your looks and style right? How could you even think of putting your hair charm and health on risk? You must use a shampoo that helps you rub out the problem of dandruff from your hair. Once you have a dandruff free scalp; you can flaunt your gorgeous hair without a single crease on your forehead.

Professional help

If you have been using some good products to fight your dandruff issue but to no use then you have to visit a professional. Let the professionals tell you about the things that you are missing out. There might be a wrong pattern that you are doing things or you might be over emphasising on something? At times, it is not the problem with the product that you use but the way you use sit.

Now if you are a regular head washer and you wash your scalp almost every day then nobody on earth can save your hair. You would definitely lose the colour and dandruff would also be there in a great amount because your scalp will be dryer than ever.

 It is because sebum (natural oils) would get diminished from your scalp because of over wash. Similarly, if you are washing your hair only once in a week or even rarer then you are responsible for your hair disaster. You cannot allow your hair to go unchecked and unwashed for days and weeks. It would only trigger hair problems, odour and dandruff.


Thus, find out a good medicated dandruff shampoo and start using it on your scalp. Make sure that you wash your head minimum 2 and maximum 3 times a week.