Orthodontics in adulthood - what can be treated with orthodontic therapy?

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Do you think the time has elapsed when you could and should wear an orthodontic appliance and you have come to terms with the irregular appearance of your teeth? Do you know that there are completely transparent foils that correct teeth? If so, make sure to get in touch with us.

On the market there are a whole series of Invisaligna products, system foils under different names. They all came about on the concept they took from Invisalign Therapy, mainly on obsolete stages that have expired patent rights.

1) The candidate for Invisalign therapy is anyone who has uneven teeth

There is almost no age limit that is an obstacle to Invisalign therapy. For children, there is Invisalign teen therapy that usually begins in the period of changing baby and permanent teeth. An assessment of whether or not therapy can be started should be done by a specialist of orthodontics.

2) Everyday life with foils does not change significantly

The recommended time of wearing the foils is 20-22 hours, which means they can be removed during meals or some daily activities. Foils do not require a lot of habits, normal speech, they do not see and do not interfere with normal activities. Patients usually report that it takes about 2 days to get used to it.

3) The duration of Invisalign therapy is known at the beginning

Duration depends on the orthodontic plan. The treatment plan works with orthodontists in collaboration with Invisalign technicians. Each patient receives a simulation of all movement of the teeth after the completion of the planning and how the teeth will ultimately look.

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4) "Invisalign Diet"

The name comes from the experience of a patient who says that Invisalign is good for them as a diet because the foils prevent them from constantly nourishing fast food, and salty and sweet snacks like interbreeding, which is the most common reason for weight gain.

5) Invisalign therapy requires regular and thorough oral hygiene

Hygiene of the oral cavity can be maintained as much as before. Take off the foils, brush your teeth and put the foil into your mouth. The use of the dental
floss is mandatory because the tooth stumps that form between the teeth curt their shift. Therefore, in the course of orthodontic therapy, more professional cleaning is recommended, at least once every three months.

6) Stability of results achieved by Invisalign therapy is guaranteed

After completion of therapy, patients wear foils that are in function of retention and do not move their teeth. Retention foils are worn over time by an even smaller number of hours per day, up to a periodic wear of only two or three nights a week. The total duration of the retention is about a year and a half days.