Everything You Want To Know About 9Apps Download And Afraid To Ask

Nowadays, people use various online stores to download different types of apps, known as the market for applications. It provides access to various kinds of apps, stores, books and even magazines, music and movies etc. There are different online download portals but not every portal is reliable.9apps download will do the work for you as it is user-friendly and reliable.

What is 9Apps download?

9apps download is a third-party app provider. It is a resource that connects ten million apps with various users. You can download any application you are required within seconds. It has a user-friendly interface which is not only fun to use but you can also get the descriptive review of the application before downloading it.

How to get 9apps download?

Getting 9apps is as easy as downloading the applications from it. You need to create an account on 9apps download and then you would have full access to it and you can browse different apps. In addition to already available apps, there always addition of new apps. You will be provided with a small description under each app describing the use and origin of the app which also helps customers to decide whether to download or not.

Is it important to sign-up to access 9apps download?

No, you can browse the applications without signing up in 9apps download and decide whether you want to download it or not. You are even provided with a description of the apps under it. But if you want to download the application, then 9apps allows you to create an account and access to various applications within seconds.

Can’t find the perfect app?

If you can’t find a perfect app for you. No worries. There’s still a chance to explore and get your desirable app. There are so many choices that any of the apps would definitely suit you. New applications constantly added to 9apps with latest updates.

How to update the app in 9apps?

To update an application in 9apps, you don’t need to do anything. When you have installed an application, it automatically detects the updates available of your applications and you will get the notification in the notification panel of your phone.

In case, your notification setting is off then you can update your application simply by accessing  9apps account and you can update it from there.

Which types of apps available on 9apps?

All types of apps are available in 9apps download. For instance, games, movies, music, books, stores etc. Only some that are system apps cannot be downloaded. There are various choices to choose your desirable app from, which makes it convenient for the customers to download the applications.

Is 9apps safe?

Yes, it is a safe app one can have access to it. It is free from malware or any virus that could damage your system. You can download any app from it even if your phone internal memory is full and install your app on SD card.



Enjoy The Comfort Of The Trendy Sport Shoes For Women

Walking is a very good form of exercise. One should do it regularly and this is only possible when you prefer best sport shoes. And it is always seen that working women who have pains in their leg are prescribed by doctors to wear sport shoes which reduces the pain and also provide them speed to walk around. So if you are interested to look fit, reduce some calories and just move on, so we are here to serve to you for the best sport shoes that will take you anywhere you like to go. There are many advantages of wearing a sport shoes:

1.      Makes walking or jogging convenient and easy.
2.      Reduces the pain in legs
3.      Helps to maintain the body weight and burn calories
4.      Easy to handle and carry

Our shoes are designed in such a manner that every women love wearing it and nowadays women find fashionable shoes. Our shoes are available in unique colours and designs which will make them to go in love with each and every product they take!

Features present in our sport shoes are:

1.      Durable
2.      Light weight
3.      Comfortable
4.      Quality
5.      Washable
6.      Versatility

Many of the women are working and do full time job that require to be on their feet all day long so they’ll love that this shoes delivers cushion which will help them to move anywhere easily without any problems. Many of the times, women’s just try to fit in the shoes which are not of their size and get attracted by the design and colour so don’t look into something that push your foot into the shoes but look for that shoes which creates perfect toe area and also make their heel secure.

Apart from clothes the second most important thing that the women’s are concerned about is footwear, which insist them to shop most of time. For many of the women, purchasing sport shoes is an investment and they do that with full heart and soul. As our target customer is women so we have to provide upmost quality with reasonable prices to satisfy our customers need and desire.

Some women’s are so crazy for shoes that they buy different colours matching with their dresses. Also when they travel they think either extra shoe will make the luggage heavier so the shoes we provide are light in weight and can be carried wherever they go. While driving these shoes provide comfort ability for women. Everyone has their own perspective so they buy accordingly to their style, fashion, budget and durability.

We provide many options for our women customer that are easy to wear with different outfits, comfortable to commute and won’t give you awkward looks. So visit the website and pick the sport shoes for women that suit your style, size, colour and designs. Also provide us with the feedback and reviews what you feel about the product, what more you want to be added and deleted as well. Come…. Grab the opportunity!!!!

Name: Lakhani Footwear
Address: Plot No. 130, Sector 24, Faridabd 121 005, Haryana, INDIA
Latitude:  28.356119
Longitude:  77.305740
Phone: +91 - 129-4265555



Choosing the best Type of Security Cameras from the list

When it comes to choosing security camera for home, you will come across various types which you can choose and install. From WiFi security cameras to bullet cameras, you have options to choose from. The best thing is these cameras come with modern and innovative features making the best use of the system. CCTV camera manufacturing companies are investing more on smart technology that makes the security tight and the maintenance remains low. To navigate the security camera market, you need to have basic understanding these systems. Moreover, when you choose the type of camera, the first thing you need to list down your security needs and further maintenance.

Types of security cameras available in the market are bullet camera, wireless camera and smart cameras. The most common types of cameras installed are-dome and wireless cameras. Let us check some of the types for surveillance cameras systems for home to choose-

Bullet Cameras-

These are named because of their long cylindrical shape resembling the bullet. It also gives distinctive appearance to intruders trying to invade your space. Since, they are more discernible, they are prone to vandalism compared to dome cameras. With its cylindrical shape, the bullet camera offers fixed view. So it is installed at entry and exit point. The best thing is bullet cameras can be mounted easily over wall and doesn't need large space. So it can stay hidden of public view.

Dome Cameras-

This is yet another type of camera which you can invest for your home. Often referred as ceiling camera, dome cameras are used indoors and also outdoors. It carries quite similar features of bullet cameras providing equal advantages. The best thing about dome cameras is they cover wider range of the area. Moreover, they are resistant to vandalism compared to bullet cameras. Dome cameras, like bullet cameras carry heat and motion sensing technology

Wi-Fi Security Cameras-

This is the most preferred surveillance camera systems for home that allows users to stay connected anywhere, anytime. Wi-Fi security cameras are battery powered and are easy to install. The best thing is it stores all the data on cloud making it a good investment. You can install anywhere-indoor or outdoor.

Smart and Voice Integrated Cameras-

Latest security cameras are smart and voice integrated making it the smart choice to invest. With voice commands, you can control and monitor the wireless security system seamlessly. The voice control can make the security system more flexible and easy to use. Check out the Google Assistance loaded surveillance camera system.

In addition to these types of surveillance camera systems for home, you need to check the device that offers the resolution of 1080p Full HD to 4K Ultra HD. Better the resolution, better the video quality. It is important that you do a good research about the types of cameras that are compatible with home. So invest on the right one for long term purpose.

Address: A-12, Sec - 4, Noida, Delhi NCR India - 201301
Latitude:  28.651300
Longitude:  77.456070
Phone:  01204555666



Emerging trend of Eco-friendly construction practices

Lean construction is a method of designing production systems in a construction environment. Its aim is to decrease effort, time, and wastage of materials. The motive of this process is to provide efficiency in the construction.

Construction firm owners can follow the construction equipment standards to save time and money. With standards followed in lean construction, the companies can increase savings as well as complete the job faster. They can allow the workers to follow the process and help the company in saving time and efforts. In addition to this, they can also cut down the wastage of materials used in the construction process.

By following construction standards, the companies can increase the profits. It helps them to earn more in less time as compared to the traditional construction practices. The companies can enjoy several benefits; some of them are as follows:
Reducing Wastage
Wastage can be done in the form of time, energy, material and money. Using the construction standards, the professionals can minimize wastage to a great extent. At the construction sites, the professionals are usually working on separate projects. Everyone has a separate task assigned that can be directed in a better manner. Moreover, the final result is of the superior quality which shows a difference in the efforts and the result achieved.
Better and Convenient Work Practices
Once the job is understood by the professionals and workers, the work gets simplified. The process is explained to the workers and they are encouraged to adapt to the changes. The traditional methods are avoided to get the better results. This removes physical strain from the workers and improves their safety on the site. Additionally, safety adds to the company’s profit as there is not compensation claimed by the workers on getting injured.
Projects Are Completed Faster
Efficiency saves time and money for all the projects. As soon as a project gets finished, the professionals have more opportunity to sign a new project. Due to this, the modular homes are constructed quickly and at less cost as compared to the standard housing. Thus, completing the projects efficiently generates more job opportunities in a year for the construction companies. In other words, it also signifies that a business firm can sign more projects and earn more profit by completing them on time. But all this is only possible if the workers are able to complete the project in time. Moreover, the clients also expect you to respond quickly and by fulfilling their wishes your business can flourish easily in the market.
Increases Reliability among the Customers
By using construction materials standards, the company is able to provide reliable buildings and better quality infrastructure. When reliable construction material is used, the work is done efficiently. In addition, the workers take less time and do not get a chance to stretch the work and increase their wages. Hence, with quality material, the job is completed in less time and with more efficiency.
Address: D-44, South Extension 1, New Delhi 110049, India
Latitude:  28.572780
Longitude:  77.220880
Phone:  +91 11 2461 1991, 2463 4222



Jason Proch Highlights the Job Profile Of Automation Technician Specialist

Automation engineers have become quite important to the modern day industries, as well as communities as a whole. These professionals are largely responsible for the repairing and maintenance of various computer-controlled systems, as well as robotic devices that are used within diverse industrial and commercial facilities. 

According to Jason Proch, an experienced professional belonging to this field, such advanced technological systems are largely used for the purpose of minimalizing the need of human intervention and making sure of optimal efficiency.  To perform the duties required of an automation engineer it is important for people to have a good knowledge of computers, mechanics and electronics, as well as skills and expertise needed to repair such systems.

Automation technicians usually have to perform routine diagnostic checks on various automated systems, orderly monitor their functions, as well as isolate the problems relating to them and perform necessary repairs.  In case any problem occurs with the system, the technician would be required to troubleshoot the issue, and subsequently determine if the problem prevalent is electrical, mechanical, or is from the computer system itself that is controlling the process. 

According to Jason Proch, as soon as the issue is orderly diagnosed, the technician specialist in question would be required to repair or replace any necessary components involved in it, such as electrical wiring or sensor.  Jason is essentially an experienced professional who is responsible for installing, maintaining, as well as repairing diverse types of dispensing and related equipment for a well-established and renowned high output automated mail order pharmacy. 

He works in the position of an automation technician specialist for quite some time, and has about fourteen years of experience in the sphere of maintenance, installation and repair. Jason Proch has worked both independently, and collaborated with various out of state and local teams for the purpose of innovating new automated conveyor lines. His specialization tends to lie in designing, developing and implementation, custom mechanical tools and control systems. His extensive experience in this domain has provided him with the expert insights on the domain of automation engineering.

According to Jason, apart from troubleshooting, in many cases, automation technicians would be required to design and service various control system that ranges from electromechanical systems and devices to various PLCs and high-speed robotics.  These types of systems generally tend to include building automation systems, electrical distribution systems, robotic assembly devices, batch mixers and conveyors .Such machines are commonly found in various types of industrial and manufacturing plants.

Various experienced automation technicians might at times choose to become troubleshooters or specialists whose primary task is to provide assistance to other technicians in diagnosing severe problems and issues.  They might also be required to work with various engineering professionals for the purpose of   developing maintenance procedures, as well as designing equipment. 

Many automation technicians may even become service managers or maintenance supervisors in the long run. With the development of new and innovation technologies every day, Jason Proch underlines that the job of automation engineers has become extremely important.



Event Technology Trends Need to Explore in 2019

According to the report by Statista, event industry revenue was $30.3 billion from worldwide in 2016 and $29.3 billion in 2015 In which 43.6% generated in United States of America, 19.8% form markets, 14.4% from Europe and 5.8% earns in the United Kingdom (England) and the 14.4% from remaining the world.

Event industry is growing progressively, modern technology made this field better rather than the past. Because of technology evolving, where every field is effected by use of technology tools. Event industry trend also has been changed. Business organization organize their events for their new product launch, for increase the customer relationship, services and sales, for company trade show, grand opening etc. Event trend also has been stimulated by modern technology.

One of the biggest achievement of technology use of virtual reality in events. People get a remarkable experience in the business event which is very helpful for business organizations. Now people could the event without physically there.

Here are some technology trends:
·         IPad/tablet for event attendees
·         Social media marketing
·         Use of Virtual Reality

IPad/tablet for event attendees

Event without use of iPad and tablet will be flop. Event attendees want to engage with each other, they want to share their ideas, they want to know each other. Therefore, your first step should be availability of iPad for every single attendee. Because the engagement of attendee in your event is immense. If your event location is in London than it will be very easy for you to get iPad. Because many companies provide the iPad’s on rent in London. You could take iPad on rent from iPad Rental London Companies. Through this way you could save your money and reduced your expense.

Social media marketing

Technology reshaped the event strategy throughout. Event aspects has been changed now. People come to the event for something new. In the past, people didn’t know, what will happen in the events, what is the agenda of event, etc. people came to the event blindly.

But Technology solves these issues now people only come when they saw something interesting. Approximately 80% of the world population use the internet. People want to communicate with each other in events, meetings, conferences, for this purpose social media helps you a lot. With the support of social media technology people could share their ideas, they could interact with each other.

Social media marketing technology has become an important part of the event. Through social media trend, business organizer could succeed in their event.

Twitter wall

Twitter is social trending platform. Now companies are using Twitter in their events for better and successful result. Now a day’suse of twitter wall is one of the biggest trend in events.People surprised and happy when they saw pictures and tweets, they had shared on display twitter wall.

Live stream of your event

Live stream of the event is also possible now. Event organizers use social platform such as Facebook, Skype and WhatsApp for live streaming in their events.

For these purposes, event organizers need to use iPad’s in their events. You don’t need to buy iPad, you could hire iPad from iPad hire for events companies, they will provide you iPad’s at a very cheap price for short terms of period.

Use of virtual reality

Virtual reality headset is very useful for theevent organizer. There is no doubt, show them to the audience what your brand is and what your business events for is better rather than the telling them intensive stories. It will be a great impact on the audience, if you use the virtual reality in an event. Virtual reality will be a remarkable experience for audience and audience will remember for a long period of time about your event.



Boosting Attendee Engagement with mobile technology

Now peoples are living in the era of technology, and development in technology is progressively increasing day by day. With the help of technology, people invented the mobile phone for the communication purpose. But after the development of technology, Mobile technology also has been changed.Today approximately everyone is using mobile phone.According to international telecommunication union nearly, 6.8 billion people using mobile phones and near about world total population is 7.1 billion. People want to communicate with each other. They want to finish the distance between them and mobile technology make it easy.

Research conducted by Statista, in 2016 event industry generated $30.3 billion profit from across the world. The figure in 2015 was $29.3 billion. Event industry is also growing with the passage of time.  Mobile technology makes it possible for the business organization to generate millions of dollars profit from their events. Use of mobile technology with business strategy in an effective way is the reason of successful event for companies.

Now mobile technology is not just used for communication, also use for sharing information, ideas, and to get knowledge from across the world. Mobile technology further devices such as iPad’s, Tablets is very helpful for the human being. These devices changed the scenario of technology, especially the availability of iPad in an event is very necessary for every attendee. IPad plays a bridge role between customer engagement and interesting in the event. Because through the iPad, attendee could interact with each other, they could know about your company and product in anactual way. For this purpose, you could hire iPad from iPad hire companies for short terms of period. It will save your money and give you fruitful results which you are expecting from your audience.

Here are some ways to boost up the attendee Engagement:
·         Social media Marketing
·         Quizzes & winners
·         Attractive gallery
·         Event app

Social media marketing

Social media marketing become an important part of every field of life. Because through the social media campaign companies increase their sales, products, services and make a better relationship with clients. People engage with each other, therefore social media marketing comes at a front line in any type of event. Value of social media marketing is enormous. Social media could boost the attendee engagement in the event with effective way.

Value of Twitter wall

Value of Twitter in the event has been immense. Twitter is a social platform which is widely used in events through the Twitter you can tweet about your event, you could give the information about your company, about your products, sales and services. People amazed and happy when they saw the pictures, tweets or ideas they had shared on the display twitter wall.

Live streaming

Mobile technology made business simple and convenient. You could also use Facebook for live stream. So attendees could watch their activities which they are doing in your event. Live stream and use of Twitter wall is highly effective for boost up the attendee engagement in your event. 

Quizzes & winners

Quizzes are also a perfect way to boost up and engage the audience in your event. You should take online quizzes through iPad. But you need to make sure your quiz should be very specific, quiz could be about your company, your products and services and the city where the event is taking place.

Also, announce the price for winners, price could be money, your products and services in free of cost and the other benefits which winner will receive. This will be very entertaining for your attendee and they will listen to you carefully and try to win the quiz. Therefore you must need to provide iPad for attendee engagement. There are many iPad rental companies which offer iPad’s on rent base for short terms of period.

Attractive Gallery

Attractive content and gallery is also the best way to engage the attendees in your event. Make an attractive gallery in some area of your event. You could use cooperating touch screen electronic devices, such as iPad, tablet, throughout your event for your gallery. Attendee will come to your gallery and they will interact with pre-planned items which will be available.

In the gallery you need to provide attractive demos, videos, pictures and detail about your company, services which you are offering, also prize winners details etc. Attendee be confident about your company. This is a great step to boost up and engage the audience in your event.

Event app

You need to must use the mobile app for event. Which will very helpful for attendees to find the event location, details about your company, event organizers, and the activities which will perform in your event. Through the Mobile app of event attendee could connect and engage with each other. During the event you could send the notification to your attendees which will keep them active and engage.



If You’re Dining in St. Louis Missouri, Dine in Style - John Eilermann St. Louis Mentions the Classics

With just 31,800 occupants, St. Louis has a dynamic eating scene that, as in each American city, goes from high to low, from rich to parole, and pretty much every ethnic stripe can be found around town. The zone called The Hill is still to a great extent Italian-American, just like the eateries, and the gambling clubs have included the typical steakhouses and chain restaurants.

There are some classy and expensive eateries like Vicia, where a supper of insipid scaled down can continue for quite a long time. Also if you visit the Sidney Street Café its confused dishes are a drag in more ways than one. Let’s talk about the high side of the city's gastro-scape, one fresh out of the plastic new, one as venerated as any in the Midwest

Here's a couple of Classic Embellishments Mentioned in Details by John Eilermann St. Louis

Pappy's Smokehouse

If you just eat barbecue once in St. Louis, it ought to be at Pappy's. This exemplary in Midtown is the thing that you wish all barbecue spots could be, and since every other person in an extensive sweep concurs, you'll need to pause. They serve Memphis-style grill and keeping in mind that they do it well; the ribs are their home strength. Accompany a large group of friends and get a few ribs, pulled pork, and hotdog, alongside the Frito Pie and a couple of sides. There's dependably a line, and keeping in mind that waiting time is certainly a part of the Pappy's involvement, you can call ahead in case you're in a rush.

Blueberry Hill

Blueberry Hill in the Delmar Loop is the thing that we envision a hyperactive ten-year-old would think of whenever asked about an eatery. There are accumulations of vintage Pez allocators and jukeboxes, a cellar music scene called the Duck Room that was initiated by Chuck Berry, and a divider painted like Pac Man. It's an incredible spot to bring kids amid the day, particularly with the inherent pre-packaged games on huge numbers of the tables. During the evening, it's very less benevolent with its line of dartboards and wide choice of lagers. If you get ravenous after a couple of drinks, they additionally serve things like mozzarella sticks and burgers, and a gooey margarine cake for sweet.

Broadway Oyster Bar

Housed in a previous downtown massage parlor from the 1840s, Broadway Oyster Bar is the sort of spot you go to in the early evening and end up going through the next 12 hours at it. It feels like a little cut of New Orleans directly amidst downtown, with a major yard and a menu that incorporates crayfish, po'boys, and jambalaya. They additionally remain open until 3am consistently, which implies you can even now get shellfish and wings at 1am when those two things abruptly stable like the correct move.

Crown Candy Kitchen

An excursion to Crown Candy Kitchen is as near time traveling as you can get without stressing over parallel measurements or botching history. According to John Eilermann St. Louis, this Old North luncheonette opened in 1913 and they influence their own treats, to have a genuine soft drink, and serve sandwiches that your grandparents grew up with. In any case, what they're best known for is their BLT, which accompanies 14 cuts of bacon and might influence you to rethink a portion of your choices. With its white wooden stalls, vintage feel, and great food, it's the ideal spot to run with somebody who wishes they were conceived in an alternate decade.



Jack Elway - What Are the Key Benefits of Sports Coaching for Athletes

Athletes rely on their sports coaches when it comes to getting the motivation and guidance for performance. Athletes are able to improve in their game when they have the right coach with them. A good coach teaches athletes to deal with conflict and frustration. An athlete is able to improve playing skills with a good coach as he/she evaluates and assesses performance when it comes to developing the optimal potential of an athlete.

Jack Elway - coaches are responsible for the good performances of athletes

Jack Elway is a sports enthusiast in the USA, and he says that behind every athlete there is a successful coach. He says that a good coach has some important innate qualities that inspire athletes so that they are motivated to perform their best. When it comes to performance and instruction, a good coach is like a mentor and a guide. He assesses the performance of an athlete so that he/she gets better with practice. In the world of sports, there are several obstacles and coaches play a significant role in eliminating them so that the athlete emerges mentally and physically strong. Since coaches have years of invaluable experience and skills in sports, they are able to provide the athlete with the knowledge that he/she needs to perform well. 

Evaluating strengths and weaknesses

It is crucial for every athlete first to know himself well, when it comes to performance and practice. Since the sports world is a highly competitive field, it is crucial for the athlete to be able to understand where he/she is weak. It is here that the guidance and the instructions of the sports coach need to be taken to improve performance. A good coach has good communication skills and is consistent when it comes to performance and skills. Often a coach has to be stern and tough with the mentee so that he/she can push limits and become better with performance.

Reasons why athletes need coaches

Athletes need coaches to help them identify and focus as to what is important to them when it comes to performance and winning competitions. Coaches play a key role when it comes to providing athletes with a safe and secure environment when it comes to training. When one has a sports coach, one can focus better. The coach is the professional that identifies gaps in the game so that the athlete can work on flaws better. With the right coach, an athlete can see the goals ahead clearly. The coach is the professional that makes sure that the athlete steps out of his comfort zone to reach closer to the goal with success. Coaching also involves a lot of communication and counseling. The athlete should always be open to feedback and criticism for the betterment of performance and achievement of goals.

In the opinion of Jack Elway, coaches are role models for athletes. They should maintain a high level of integrity and respect when it comes to the sports world. With the right coach, an athlete is able to stay motivated and consistent when it comes to training, practice, and performance.



Wayne Imber Focuses On the Importance of Healthy Cooking

The phrase that people essentially are what they eat is very common. This phrase is known to hold a lot of truth to it.  As people cook and eat unhealthy dishes, they would ultimately be prone to becoming an unhealthy person. Wayne Imber underlines how the food people ingest plays a major role in defining their ability to grow, prevent illnesses and maintain proper body functions. He therefor advises people on cooking and eating as healthy as possible in order to be assured of their wellbeing and to maintain their good health.

Wayne Imber lays emphasis on preserving the nutrients of vegetables while cooking them 

Doctors and nutritionists of the world largely talk about how good nutrition is an integral element of leading a healthy lifestyle. Combined with regular physical activity, the diet followed by people can ideally aid them to reach and maintain a healthy weight, minimalize the risks of developing any chronic ailments, such as cancer and heart diseases, as well as promote their overall health.

Wayne Imber is a retired professional belonging to the world of teaching, not focuses on cooking new recipes that are good to taste and healthy to taste. He used to teach Social Psychology and Developmental Psychology to both graduate and undergraduate students. After retirement, he ideally spends a significant about of time in the kitchen, trying out new recipes and making some of its own. He plans to publish an English cook book at some point.  It largely focuses on cooking items that are easy to make and eating dishes that are healthy to eat. He even maintains his own blog where he provides various cooking tips to his readers.

In this blog, Wayne Imber mentions the health benefits of various vegetables and hence the importance of including them into the everyday diet. However, many a times vegetables are prepared in a manner that robs them of the various vital vitamins and minerals present inside them. Keeping this factor in mind, Mr. Wayne underlines some of the ways of cooking vegetables in order to preserve the most of its vital nutrient.

Steaming, as per Wayne Imber, would ideally be the best way to cook and eat vegetables. By steaming vegetables like broccoli and asparagus people can ideally make sure that the important nutrients, enzymes, and other healthy minerals present inside them are optimally preserved.  The rule of thumb underlines that the shorter times it takes to cook the vegetables, more the amount of nutrients and victims would to be present inside it. 

Microwaving vegetables is another great way of cooking vegetables. In this method, the overall cooking time is reduced, as well the exposure of vegetables to heat and water is also quite less.  Peppers, zucchini and carrots would ideally be the best examples of microwavable vegetables.  In addition to these two, people can always opt to sauté vegetables. However, while doing so, it is advisable to regulate the cooking temperature and to use extra virgin oil.