Andrew Curran Wesleyan Underlines the Importance of Arts and Humanities Subjects

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In the modern era of big data and STEM, which includes the subjects of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, people often tend to forget the value of liberal arts and humanities courses. Humanities subjects include the study of literature, history and philosophy, as well as the domains of anthropology, psychology, sociology, music, and art. According to Andrew Curran Wesleyan, this stream of study essentially includes diverse aspects that make people human, in its very core sense. 

In the modern world, in fact, the arts and humanities have become all the more important as they are quite essential for the understanding of values like freedom and tolerance. In the modern world, where so many major incidents are happening across the globe, it is with the help of arts and humanities subjects that people are able to relate to the rest of the world. These subjects have an important role to play in the understanding the past and envisioning a better tomorrow.

Andrew Curran Wesleyan highlights the need to study arts and humanities

Arts and humanities subjects can go a long way in enabling students to gain an understanding of their past, as well as gain a better vision of the tomorrow in the contemporary changing and evolving world environment.  These subjects aid people to think, as well as make decisions and improve on the mistakes that have already been made in the past. Andrew Curran Wesleyan mentions how without arts and humanities, people essentially would be lacking the key ability to think in a critical fashion, as well as to gain an understanding of how the world around them tends to reason, communicate and read. Andrew Curran is the Dean of Arts and Humanities in the renowned Wesleyan University.  He additionally has completed his Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) course from the popular Hamilton College.

Andrew Curran Wesleyan  has also written a book called Diderot and the Art of Thinking Freely.  He is known to be a specialist of the French eighteenth century, and has a keen interest in the history of medicine, as well as race.  He also is a member of the Romance Languages and Literatures department present at the Wesleyan University. His extensive experience and specialization in the world of arts and humanities have provided him a great insight on the importance and need of these subjects in today’s world.

Andrew Curran lays a major focus on the fact that how by studying humanities people get the chance to understand themselves, as well as the people around them in a better fashion. They also get a chance to grapple with diverse types of complicated and important moral issues, and have a discourse on the key complexities and intricacies of humanity. As people pursue any humanities discipline, they get this exceptional chance to make use of diverse methods and ways to learn more about the people of this world.  They get to examine various relationships and feelings, and subsequently develop important skills like empathy and appreciation for others.