Summer and after school programs for kids in Redmond

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Summer is here and all the parents are hunting for summer camps to keep their kids busy. And yes, your search ends here. We introduce you to a summer program for kids in Redmond.  Our camp program is designed for kid’s campers and provides an excellent first camp experience.

Our enthusiastic staff offers sensitive guidance and clear structure to nurture the development of the children. We maintain small group sizes for all age groups and a challenging variety of activities to suit even the sportiest of children.

Kids can take part in the after school program in Redmond focusing on sports, science, technology and more. These programs prove to be the best way to make new friends and have fun. Through such programs, kids learn to communicate and learn new things.

Your children are precious, henceforth we offer the highest quality and amazing camp programs that will meet each child’s interests. Many kids attend summer camps and this year we help you match your child with the perfect camp. Simply check out all our camps programs and book the ideal camp for your kid today.

Below is the list of activities that we offer in the summer program for kids in Redmond:

1. Academic: Academics help your child to grow their mind. We offer academic programs like Math’s, gardening, leadership, public speaking debate, languages, biology, chess, medicine, etc.

2. Adventure: From kids to teens, Redmond camp program can help you find the adventure of a lifetime. Adventure programs include mountaineering, rappelling, hunting, river rafting, tour and travel

3. Art: Some kids want to be creative and make art, music, etc. for those kids we have an art program that includes arts and crafts, choir, music, photography, rock music, dance, film, fashion designing, theater, drama, magic and performing arts.

4. Sports: Some programs focus on sports like baseball, volleyball, rock climbing, snorkeling, skateboarding, tennis, ice hockey, football, gymnastics, kayaking, golf, basketball, hiking, boating, canoeing, horseback riding, martial arts, sailing, surfing, scuba, swimming, wakeboarding.

5. Technology: Technology camps help children learn about the fastest growing fields like computer technology, gaming, and web designs. Programs that we offer in technology are computers, robotics, hardware, gaming,mudding, Lego, etc.

After school programs in Redmond

We also offerafter school programs in Redmond. After school programs can improve kid’s social skills and expose them to new interests. Kids having issues with learning feel more acknowledged at an after-school program. Our staff gives feedback to the kids to help them improve their social skills.

1. Academic enrichment: We take programs for a group of kids after school that focuses on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) activities. We also provide educational toys to the kids so that they are encouraged and learn things more practically other than cramming.

2. Creative Arts: An art is the best way to channeling your kid's creativity. It develops their imagination, focuses on finishing a particular task, and learns about colors and their composition. We give classes after school for painting, photography and sculpting.

3. Sports: Sports helps your kid getting a good workout. It also develops skills like teamwork and establishing a healthy attitude towards exercise.

Activities that we consider after school includes:
·Individual sports- tennis, swimming, martial arts, and gymnastics
·Team games- basketball, baseball and netball
·Fun fitness- wall climbing, indoor tramp lining and roller skating

Positive aspects of after-school programs:

·Create a sense of belonging
·Improve social skills
·provide academic support
·Make learning more fun
·provide safety and supervision
·build confidence