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Wall Stickers for Your Room- Every Thing You Want to Know about It

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Are you planning to do something exclusive to your rooms? But, you have a limited budget; what to do? Why don’t you pick cheap wall paintings for the living room? Yes, those come at a cheaper cost than painting your entire room. Also, if you live in a rented house or have the habit of changing the wall décor in short gaps, wall decals are the best option for you. You can buy it online and these are readily available. Today, wall stickers are quite trendy and people are not only using them for their residential places, but also for the commercial places. An appropriate wall sticker outside your café can increase your business by drawing customers’ attention.

Now, if you are new in buying wall stickers and a bit confused what to buy or how to apply and all, here are the best answers you can get before buying living room painting online or offline. Read on to know more-

How to Apply Wall Decals

To apply wall decals, you don’t need to be much confusion. With simple tips, you can put them on the walls of your favorite room. Have a look-

·         Before applying wall decals, you need to make sure that the wall is completely dry. Water can damage the adhesive behind the sticker.

·         Have you painted your walls recently? Then, you need to wait at least for two weeks before applying wall decals. Actually, wall stickers don’t sit well on newly painted walls. And you need to wait for this time as often some paints look dry, but it is not completely dry at all. If you go for low VOC or Zero VOC paints, those may take 6-8 weeks to get dry completely. So, you must have patience.

·         You also need to remember that the durability of wall decals depends on the types of paints you have on the walls. For more stability of the wall stickers, you can go for matte-finished paints.

Types of Surface to Apply Wall Decals

Before applying cheap wall paintings for the living room, you need to make sure about the type of the surface. Remember, wall decals can only be attached to certain types of surfaces.

·         Make sure the surface is smooth, water-resistant and spotless.
·         There must be no contamination on that surface.
·         You should never apply wall decals on heavily textured surfaces.
·         Stay away from applying wall stickers on specific surfaces, like brick, rock, sand paints, concrete block, stucco, and suede paints.

Can You Put Wall Decals in the Bathroom?

Though you can apply wall decals in any room, when it comes to the bathroom, you have to more cautious. There are certain things you need to consider-

·         Check out the temperature of the place.

·         Make sure that the wall you choose always remain dry and not get humid at all. Otherwise, the vinyl won’t work.

So, here you get to know a great deal about the application of wall decals in your house. They are available in a variety of designs, textures, and colors. Buy the most suitable one and make your house look unique.

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