What Should Be Done Before You Print Your Book?

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Writing an entire book requires a lot of hard work both mentally and physically. It also needs a lot of preparation to get the best version of the writing.

It is natural to rush into wanting to print the book as soon as the writing is over. Anyone would want to have their writing published and then appreciated by the readers.

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1. Make the Cover design appealing

No matter how many times it is said that one should not judge a book by its cover, there will always be that group of readers who will choose the book based on how appealing the cover of the book is. It is best to choose a cover which depicts the storyline of the book and looks attractive to the eye. An excellent cover for the book makes a lot of difference in the sales of the book. If the cover is not so attractive and very normal, people would likely to pass it without noticing the book.

2. Make sure your writing is flawless

One of the most important factors to consider before you print your book is to get the manuscript proofread by a professional and to get the necessary edits done. Flawless does not mean it has to be the perfect writing, but whatever is written should not have errors which could have been avoided with the necessary attention. The readers or the ones reviewing the book should not come across any silly grammatical errors or spelling mistakes which you could have rectified easily. It leaves a wrong impression of the book and the author as well. Also, it is better to have some trusted readers who will be able to provide you with constructive criticism so that you can get to know the shortcomings or the loopholes in the writing.

3. Knowing your readers is a must

When you are writing a book and thinking about publishing it, you should keep in mind the audience sector that you are going to target. You must be sure about which group of readers the book is going to attract based on the storyline of the book. Any hasty decisions or rushing into marketing endeavours might end up with a loss. Before you proceed further with the book marketing, you should be well aware of the age group of your primary customer base, their interests and their preferred mode of reading. It might be a long process, but the result of this is going to be profitable for book sales.

4. Make an impression online

It has become a prevalent habit among the people to google the author or checks the author's social media accounts to judge how he or she is as a person and whether the book is going to be as great. Impressing the readers through your social media presence is not an easy task. You have to keep all your social accounts updated with regular posts or activities. A great way to impress the viewers is by posting something which is witty or humorous or a combination of both. Also, try to keep the book's cover design in the background of your social media accounts so that the readers get a subtle hint.

5. Make your distribution network strong

A lot depends on how strong your distribution network is. Making a channel which will help the readers get hold of the book quickly will increase the customer attractiveness and the willingness among them to buy the book. The readers might have different preferences in choosing the reading medium like some may want to buy the paperback or hardcovers from the local book stores, some would want to order the book online, or some might even prefer downloading the book online. Do not limit the availability of your book to just one medium; try to spread the availability as much as possible.

There are many factors which you should consider when you are preparing for your book to get printed. New authors often rush into decisions and go into losses or failures. It is necessary for the authors to understand that a lot of thinking should also be applied in the book's printing process to get the required success in the market and the anticipated popularity among the readers.


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