Which cities in India famous for non-vegetarian foods?

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Non-Vegetarian Cuisines in India comprises zesty Mughals, Nawabi dishes and Arabian plates. The most popular Non-Vegetarian Dishes and the destinations all over the country are mentioned below.

Paya Soup – Bhopal

The lip-smacking Paya Soup is widely popular at the ChatoriGali, Ibrahimpura of Bhopal. ChatoriGali is the ideal place in Bhopal to relish Non-Vegetarian Foods. You can easily order this soup online using Amazon Pay Swiggy Offers at discounted prices.

Tundekabab – Lucknow

Tundekekabab comes as an Awadhi dish that is very popular in Lucknow. The most widespread TundayKababs channels are situated at various sites in Lucknow and even other regions but ShirmalWaliGali and Naaz Cinema Road of Aminabad, Lucknow are really perfect for such delicious non-vegetarian foods.

Haleem – Hyderabad

HyderabadiHaleem is the famous cuisine from the state of Hyderabad, specifically throughout Ramadan. Haleem is a scrumptious simmer of meat, lentils, and wheat and it’s the primary non-vegetarian foods in India to be given as GIS.

Bheja Masala – Mumbai

Bheja Masala or Bheja Fry is also a famous food from the city of Mumbai making use of goats’ brain. Bade Miya of Colaba is an awesome eating place to have the tastiest the Bheja Masala, Bade Miya is one of the most popular restaurants in Mumbai.

KeemaMatar – Delhi

Amongst the non-veg cuisines of Delhi, KeemaMatar is one of the sought-after dishes to eat with rice. KeemaMatar means crushed Meat and peas that is an absolutely mouthwatering north Indian dish.

Rogan Josh – Kashmir

Kashmiri Rogan Josh is a pork dish carried by the Mughals and swayed by Persian food. Rogan josh is an essential of Kashmir and one of the most eminent delights from Kashmir, and especially from the Mutton rogan josh.

Chicken Tikka – Punjab

The boneless bits of overheated chicken are the usually Punjabi food as well as most popular Tandoori chicken. Chicken Tikka is easy to cook and a scrumptious appetizer usually is eaten with sour tamarind chutney.

Fish Fry – Goa

The state of Goa is popular for its lip-smacking non-veg food, unmatched beauty, exotic beaches and of course the seafood cuisines that cannot be ignored at all. Rice and authentic Goan seafood are the perfect combinations with the beer in the stunning sand seashores of Goan

MurghMusallam – Kolkata

The unrivaled Awadhi style MurghMusallam is one of the ancient and extensively popular dishes from Kolkata. Like you can taste at Arsalan of Park Street, Kolkata is well-known for Non-Vegetarian cuisines in every corner of the city whereas, you can go to eat MurghMusallam korma and IraniChaap. There is an abundance of restaurants that serve mouthwatering food in the Kolkata region. If you want to take a bite of authentic Awadhi food and Indian cuisine, then you should visit Kolkata. It only takes a few moments to visit online and check what is available for travel as well as room and board options. Once you get a right plan that fits your budget then you can easily book the rooms or hotels nearby many restaurants where you can, of course, enjoy some fabulous new Indian dishes.

Chicken Chettinad – Tamil Nadu

The Chettinad area of Tamil Nadu is renowned for its cuisine. Chettinad cuisines are one of the zestiest and the most fragrant food in India.

KankadaJhola – Odisha

The Crabmeat or Crab Masala Curry is the luscious and perfect dish from the traditional Cuisine of Odisha. Seafood in Odisha is delicious and serves hot the rice.

PooraHaah – Assam

PooraHaah is the Roasted Duck from the Assamese dish; it is one of the distinguished foods of Assam. The appetizing roasted duck is one of the preferred non-veg foods of India. In addition to this, you can easily order this food online using Paytm Offers at reasonable prices.

ChhaGosht: Himachal Pradesh 

Steeped lamb meat baked in a gravy of gram flour, yogurt and spices are really yummy to eat in Hilly area of Himachal Pradesh.

Chicken Bhutwa: Uttarakhand

Chicken mixing fried with Nepali zings and basils, that is prepared mostly in parts neighboring Nepal that is lip-smacking food.

SaagGosht: Haryana

Popeye’s much loved Indian dish. Juicy mutton gently cooked in a rich spinach based gravy is good in taste.

Laal Maas: Rajasthan

Mutton curry is cooked in a pulp of curd and hot spices mixing with red chilies. That really blasts with serving on a bowl.

BihariTariwaalaMurga: Bihar 

Bihari onion tomato based chicken curry flavored with turmeric and cove leaves. The gravy is very juicy and savory.

BhopaliAchariGosht: Madhya Pradesh

A Mutton dish that is amazingly prepared in Mustard oil with onion seeds, fennel and fenugreek seeds that are served with a pickle.

MurgiAlooTaari: Chhattisgarh

Slightly flavored chicken dices and potatoes grilled in onion- tomato gravy oh really so, yummy to eat.

MurghanuShaak: Gujarat

Drumstick, potatoes cooked in a Gujarati masala that provides a completely tart and spicy chicken taste.
These are all famous non-vegetarian foods from the cities of India that you must-try once.

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