A comparison of a discount broker with a full time broker.

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To cash in on trading options you need to have a concise idea about the subject matter. In the quest of this search you need to figure out a broker who can help you with a platform to invest. But since there are various broker types in the market to choose one seems to be a difficult task. Before we proceed ahead it is necessary to classify the various types of brokers and then decide which one suits your needs. If you are planning to sign up with an online broker clearly outline the recommendations of each of them.

Full service broker

The full service broker as the name suggests rolls out a complete service list to clients. The moment you open an account with a broker you are allocate an account manager to deal with your account. They are going to spend a reasonable amount of time to understand your financial obligations and what are the objectives you plan to achieve by trading mechanism.

The reasons for choosing a full time service broker are self- explanatory. In case if you are new to trading options having someone to guide and offer you advice would be of immense help. Their expertise and experience would be of considerable help and the rate of acceleration helps you improving your own skills.

They appear to be a viable choice if you do not have sufficient time to conduct a research and look for suitable trading opportunities. As per your financial fits they are going to provide a tailor made solution as per your needs.

Though the main issue while availing the services of a full time broker is the costs involved. When there is a professional involved in rendering you services you can expect a hefty fee to accompany.

Discount broker

The choice of the best discount broker in India 2019 seems to be a straight forward issue. They are there to execute the trades on your behalf and execute the orders. In case if you are going to avail the services of a discount broker the chances are high that you are not going to have a personal interaction with anyone. They are going to automate the process and execute the transactions on your behalf.

The main benefit of a discount broker over a full time broker relates to the commission structure. The commissions are going to be on the lower side with a full time discount broker as they just go on to providing you with a basic service. In terms of additional fees there are fewer charges and in terms of deposits and fees the charges are on the lesser side.

When you are going to avail the services of a discount broker you are all on your own and there is no additional form of support. You are in charge of your own trades and if something goes wrong you have no one to blame. The onus is on you to take investment decisions.


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