New slip on sport shoes ideas for women

As a very famous quote unquote is given – “give women the right shoes and she’ll conquer the world.” Rightly and aptly said so. Females are not lagging behind the men. Times have changed. Women have started conquering the world with their right attitude and zeal towards their work.

Women too love travelling and trekking around the globe. This cannot be done with heels or stilettoes on their feet. Travelling, hiking and trekking is the new found love for girls, today. With much awareness on travel gram, girls are turning out to be wildlife photographers, travellers, bikers too and excursionists. For all these activities, you are in desperate need of some nice and light weight sport shoes; and if they are slip ones, nothing better it could get.

And right before we move on to something else, here is something that will hold you back and your love for those lace less sport shoes/running shoes/bikers shoes. All the gals out there who are fond and deeply in love with some hiking and adventure sports and desperately need a pair of that running shoe, here is the list from where you can choose.

Puma colour block slip on sport shoes

These are unique sport shoes. The best feature in these shoes is that these beauties come minus the shoe lace. What an amazing feature. Tired of tying the shoe lace? Running out of time for your journey and you don’t feel like tying your shoe laces. You let them loose. Discard your old pair of shoes or donate them. Puma has come up with an exciting girly range of sports/running shoes for the ladies. These come in some fluorescent and vibrant colour blocks pattern. This means that these sport beauties come in a colour coordinated colour scheme (obviously minus the shoe lace). Very easy to glide on and of course comfy too. These shoes eases out pain in your feet. And if you are flat feet, all the more best for you. These shoes are available at affordable range as compared to other shoes of this brand – easily available in the store outlet and online market too. You can easily get these shoes online using Paytm Mall Cashback with great discount and get freejobalert via subscribing us.

  Brook’s women Levitate

Aptly and rightly named, these shoes by Levitate are all about giving a runner bounce. Its mix of foam and rubber technology in the sole provides tons of cushioning for those who want extra support, while the lightweight feel and slip-on style make it insanely comfy regardless of however long you are in them. Now you are free to trek and hike on those top mountain peaks.

   Hoka one one sport shoes

If you’re the one to speed up your trekking or hiking over that top of the mountain peak, you surely are in desperate need of these ultra-light weight slip on shoes. These are by the very famous brand Hoka. Hoka is one of the brands that manufactures light weight slip on sport shoes for both men and women. It is made from profly midsole technology which has got heel gels (it provides softer portion at the heels) and controls you’re walking and running motion firmly. These are easy to wear and are sweat free. This means that now you get rid of bad odour from your feet. If you have flat feet, you have the right shoes to choose from. Best for those who have flat feet as it will ease out the pain caused due to flat feet.

The built mesh permits for breathability, so this ultra-light shoe — which is cushioned in the midsole and offers flex grooves for natural range of motion — doesn't need any "breaking in" time to get that just-right feel.


Adidas has never failed to surprise its fans. This time it’s the Adidas women. The company has launched an updated version of its slip on shoes for females. Those literally want to take lighter and bigger strides, it is for you. Thanks to the brand's Boost technology artifact system, it primarily appears like the shoe helps to propel you forward, while not you doing any additional work.

 Saucony women's running shoes

Saucony sneakers are best known amongst the masses for its power grid midsole cushioning. This means that these shoes are perfect for those who suffer from bunions and also those who have flat foot. No more to worry about the pain. Here are the best sport shoes for you to deal with pronation problems (when the feet excessively roll inward upon landing), which might cause injuries like inflammation, bunions, and region fasciitis.

 New balance women's shoes

Designed and launched especially for female brigade, these shoes by New Balance Company are gaining much appreciation in the market. Extremely light sport shoes, these have come up as a surprise from this brand. Its aggressive toe spring and rubber outsole ensures a quick transition so you can clock your best times. These shoes are available online and you can buy these using Mobikwik Offers with great deals.
The bottom line –

These shoes are the cheapest to buy. You can find these really cool sport shoes at any retailing brand or even online as well. I bet you will second about these sport shoes. Such is the fun to wear them and they are so comfortable and light that you just have to glide them on.

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