Things that make muktavati medicine

People do suffer a lot from hypertension and high blood pressure these days and as it has become a regular and common thing; many people face it and suffer from it.

MuktavatiAyurvedic medicine us being used for many years now and it is a kind of an Ayurvedic formula which one can use so that the blood pressure in a human body remains under normal level. This is a medicine which has been time tested and it also has a proper combination of Ayurvedic herbs that together work in a harmony so that the doshas present in the human body, can get re aligned and then it can provide proper relief from the blood pressure.

Here are some major ingredients that build up this medicine and they are:

Gotu Kola or Brahmi or Whole Plant

It is a kind of a herb which can be used properly to manage the stress levels in the human body. It also helps in nourishing and strengthening the adrenal glands and so it can also release cortisols when one is in huge stress. It is also a kind of a herb that has a lot of benefits because it can regulate the circulatory system in a human body. Not only that it can also help in cleansing the body and balance the veins along with the blood capillaries. It is also great for the students and adults who are doing their further studies because this ingredient helps in boosting the concentration and memory powers.

Aloe Weed or Shankhapushpi or Whole Plant

It is a plant that is mainly used so that one can clam down all the doshas that are present in the human body. It specifically clams down the Pitta and Vata. By making these 2 doshas calm down there comes a state of calmness in a human body and it also gives a kind of relief from the high blood pressure symptoms. This can also enhance the level of energy naturally in a human body.

Arjuna Tree or Bark

This tree bark is mainly used in Ayurvedic medicines because it can strengthen the cardiovascular system in a human body. Not only that, it can also give some relief to some people who are suffering from hypertension. This is a certain herb that reduces the amount of bad cholesterol in the body and increases the amount of good cholesterol in it. It also has some mild diuretic properties that can have the power to fight against the high blood pressure symptoms.

Fresh Water Pearl Powder or MuktaPishti

This thing is basically transformed into powders before they are used. They are a rich source of amino acids and it can also help in easing the blood flow in the human body. They are also very good in improving the skeletal and muscular system in the body and so for the athletes it is a good thing to consume.

When one buys Ivy’s muktavatithen they can see that these are the ingredients which are mainky used in the medicine.

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