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In ancient times, there are two types of exchanging gifts. One is based on the concept of equivalent items exchanged mutually. The other is based on relationships where something provided on a voluntary or unpaid basis in exchange for making a gesture, honoring an opportunity or showing favor to someone.

Why do we gift people?

We gift people to celebrate various occasions like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, farewell, Valentine’s Day, new house, Diwali, Christmas, Easter, New year, etc. People also gift to express their friendships, love, and gratitude, to share wealth, to express solidarity, to apologize and also to appreciate.

Why is gifting important?

Gift giving is an act of self- gratification which will also strengthen the relationships. Gift-giving is not supposed to be a chore. It's got to come from the core. When you gift someone without anything in return, .it is more than enough to make someone feel unique and special. It sends a message that you value them. Sometimes expressing real emotions in words is difficult, but providing gifts will not only represent your emotions but will also allow others to understand how much you enjoy them. For example, when you are away from home and have a fight with your father, sending to office fruit delivery hampers through online might show how much you value him.

Types of gifts people like the most

If you look back at the type of gifts you got previous, few make us frown and few make us smile. Sometimes worst gifts are something that we never ought to forget. Generally, almost all people tend to get a gift that they want to get for themselves. Sometimes few people are so selfish that they get stuff for their immediate family members to use them later for themselves. Fancy gifts may be precious but useful gifts are more appreciated. Think about what the recipient needs when you buy gifts for someone. Whether it's like a phone charger, a cookbook, or even a train ticket.

Another major thing to note is that people like personalized gifts. Even if the gifts are what they wanted and useful, people love it more when it has a personal touch to it. Also, make sure that the person does not have the same gift that you have in your mind. Take into consideration the person's current situation and needs. Even a personal note or as small as making breakfast can brighten their mood and put a smile on their face.

You can also buy gifts based on age groups and gender. Generally, people might be grouped as children, elderly, adolescents, men, and women, etc. and the gift varies for each group. For example, children might love toys while women enjoy jewelry. Again do not generalize the gifts and always keep the person's interest in mind.

How to gift?

The way you send the gifts can go in two ways- you can purchase the gifts by yourself and send it through courier services or directly you can order the gift online. These days many online gift services deliver the products across many countries within a day. For an unwell person, you can easily send get well soon fruit box delivery in a day. There are a wide variety of products like personal care hampers, bouquet, cards, dry fruit hampers, electronics, even food and fruit boxes are available.

So next time when you think of gifting someone, make sure you keep in mind their interest and their needs. Happy gifting!!