What Causes Those Nasty Scars over Your Body

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Scars are common. You get a minor cut or minor burn and you get a scar. If you go for operations or stitches these can also cause a scar on your body. Scars are not that much attraction garner when they are hidden. But, exposed scars or scars which be seen easily can put a dent on your image. Exposed and bigger scars often harm your appearance. In this article, you will learn about how scars happen and what are the factors that may cause scars.

Scars are part of our body’ s natural healing process. Scars or Cicatrix usually form when part of our body gets injury and blood comes out from that injury. The severity of the scar usually depends on the injury.

You may get a scar from a minor injury, an accident, burning or even skin rashes. Sunburn also causes scars. Pox is another fact which causes small round or oval-shaped scars. Stretch marks can also transform into a scar. Each scar is different and needs a different medication. You may buy no scars facewash from your nearest drugstore or retail shop to treat small facial scars. Bigger scars may need a doctor's attention.


In simple words, scars are the result of injuries of your skin. The skin is made of Epidermis, Dermis, and Hypodermis. The epidermis is the outermost layer of the skin and Hypodermis is the deepest layer of skin. Scars appear when the injury goes into Dermis or deeper. The dermis layer can be damaged by a cut( minor or big) or surgery or any injury. Skin initiates its self-healing process immediately after the damage happens. At first, the blood clot is formed by platelets to cover the area. The scab or clotted blood projects the area of the open damage and prevents further damage by bacteria, virus or other harmful objects. Then fibroblast cells start making collagen and elastin to make issues to replace the scab. The process is often very fast. Hence, in most cases, the cells do not get arranged in the right way like another part of your skin. So, an uneven assembling of collagen makes a scar. Too much scar can cause a raised scar or less amount of collagen may cause a dented scar.


Scars fade with time. They become lighter as time passes. But the scars do not disappear. So, if you want them to disappear then you need to visit your doctors. Dermatologists examine the scar and prescribe treatments. Often doctors recommend ointment or lotion or scar facewash ( for facial scars). They can also recommend chemical peeling, plastic surgery or laser removal according to the requirement. There are also many over the counter anti-scar medicines available for use. But, these treatment methods may have side effects. You may also go the natural way to heal your scars. There are many natural remedies which work. These remedies are affordable and do not have any side effects.

Therefore, scars are the result of the healing process of your skin. The scar depends on the degree of injury. There are many methods to treat scars. But, proper consultation with your medical expert is necessary.