Milena Djankovic: Five ways to Teach a Toddler How to Share

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The toddler years don't have to be a struggle for parents. According to mom-entrepreneur Milena Djankovic, moms and dads can already teach their toddlers how to share. Check out these five ways parents can show their little ones that sharing is caring.

 1. Tell them what's good about sharing. 

Communicating one's thoughts and experiences is an effective way to get a child's attention, according to Milena Djankovic

If parents want to impart why sharing is good, they can start by telling a story or recounting something that happened to them personally. During these formative years, kids absorb all the things they hear from the people they trust. If lending things or letting others enjoy something they own is as good as what mom or dad says, then it's worth a shot.  

 2. Set an example.

Milena Djankovic says that parents are the most reliable examples children have at this stage. During the toddler years, everything mom or dad does is right in their eyes. This is the perfect opportunity to ground values and good habits with kids. 

Generosity starts at home, according to Milena Djankovic. Letting the toddler have the last piece of cookie or letting their older siblings take turns playing with a toy is a great method that will encourage them to apply what they have learned.  

3. Practice taking turns.

 Milena Djankovic has witnessed that sharing their favorite thing or food can be tough at first for toddlers. 

The only way to ease them into this new habit is by practice. If they have older siblings, parents can try to let them borrow something for a few minutes and then letting the other use it again. Mom or dad can also do this. If they allow the child to have gadgets, they can borrow it for a few minutes with the promise that he or she will get to use it again after the agreed time. 

Milena Djankovic and her fellow parents agree that seeing this system implemented in the household will let little ones understand that this should be a normal thing.  

 4. Affirm their efforts.

 For some toddlers, even with all the stories and the practice, sharing can still be a challenge, especially since they are just realizing their ownership over some things. When they try to make an effort to share their food or let others play with their toy, parents must affirm their efforts. For Milena Djankovic, simply saying "Good job!" or "That was very nice of you" will let the child know that they're on the right track.  

 5. Understand if they're not ready to share.

With realizations of their own along with developing motor and communication skills, toddlers will take every chance to enjoy their capabilities. As a mom of two, Milena Djankovic has experienced that introducing values such as generosity might take time for these little ones. She encourages parents to keep leading by example until it becomes second nature for the child. But for kids who are not yet ready to share, parents should give their child more time to process until they decide to do it. If they're not yet ready, they shouldn't be punished. Instead, the toddlers should be motivated to do what's right for them to truly learn.  

 Milena Djankovic is the president and co-founder of RockerMama, a company that aims to come up with practical and affordable baby products for mothers all over the world. Milena obtained her political science degree with a concentration in communications and media from DePaul University.