GMAT Vs. GRE - What Is the Difference?

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Gmat is a global test for aspirants who want to pursue a management post-graduation in various foreign universities. While GRE is a bachelor level entrance test for normal core subjects.Aspirants who want to study in prestigious business schools in aforeign country apply for GMAT. Students who harbours a dream of getting a bachelors degree from a well known foreign university needs to sit in GRE. Voth examinations have their own benefits. But which one is better? Or, are both same? Please read the whole article for detailed information.

Examination pattern

 Each of them has their own differences. But these two examinations have a set of similarities. Both of the exams also include aptitude, reasoning and verbal skills with subject related questions. But 
there are some fundamental differences. Let’s take a look-


 In the case of verbal reasoning, the GMAT vs GRE battle is for the skills. In GMAT, they test an aspirants ability to understand written passages and argument evaluation. 

There are mainly three types of questions in GMAT-

·         Critical reading- In this part, an examinee needs to read a passage and then has to analyze the passage for answers. Often a conclusion is asked on the passage. Here the passages are short(2-3 sentences) and contain more data.
·         Reading comprehension- It is a simple comprehension test with a passage and answers from that passage.
·         Sentence Correction- If you compare GMAT vs GRE then this section is easier compared to GRE grammar and vocabulary section. In this section, a student needs to correct some incorrect sentences.

In case of GRE-

·         Reading comprehension- It same as GMAT.
·   Text completion- It is the same as the critical reading portion of GMAT.   You need to complete sentences by reading short passages.
·         Sentence Equivalence- A sentence with different possible options. Aspirants have to select the correct option. This portion is a little bit difficult; ut than GMAT.

Now if we discuss in case of GMAT vs. GRE, both try to evaluate the verbal skill of aspirants. Both are same, but GRE is a little bit tougher because of the questions in GRE are on the advanced level.

Quantitative aptitude

 In the case of quantitive aptitude, GMAT has a little more edge in the battle of GMAT vs. GRE.  

Although both exams have easy subjects like data interpretation, equation solving, etc., in the case of GMAT the problems are higher.  GMAT  questions have more complex data and are more difficult in nature. Often the questions can be unusual


Both exams have analytical writing that is quite the same in nature. But in the case of GRE, it harder and longer. 

So, What should you choose? The answer lies within your career path direction. To become eligible for applying for GMAT, you need to be a graduate. While for GRE, it is for high school pass outs who want to get a global graduation degree. GMAT can be pursued after GRE. That means both exams are different in their direction, career choice, and importance.