Your Guide to Becoming a Kindergarten Teacher

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Kindergarten schools generally target the education of a child when e or she is between 5 and 6 years of age. At this stage proper guidance and education is necessary because the child is not affected by the conditions of the society. Till 7 years a child acts on their sub conscious mind, hence whatever education the child receives will be etched onto his brain for life. Therefore you need certifies teachers who can target the child’s intellectual, emotional and inter personal growth. These are done with special educational tools and activities that only trained teachers are capable of providing.

Pre-Requisites of a Kindergarten Teacher

Let’s face it, India truly lacks good teachers. Most teachers nowadays are creating clones, rather than polishing a child’s quality.A teacher is not only for teaching, but bringing out the best in each and every child. A teacher will use your best quality and make it a strength for you to use it in your future life. Thus the necessity of an enlightened teacher cannot be undermined.

In such a scenario, if you are from Gurgaon and looking for a job in some of the best kindergarten on sohna road gurgaon, this might be your chance. The basic education hat you need is a Bachelor’s Degree. If you are serious, you can also pack your resume with:

·         Basic Training Certificate (BTC)
·         Diploma in Education (D.Ed)
·         Teacher Training Certificate (TTC)
·         Nursery Teacher Training (NTT)

Now, you might be wondering, what kind of bachelor’s degree is required? Although there are no hard and fast rule and any kind can be done, it is best if you do your bachelor’s in psychology, social skills or education.

Qualities of a Kindergarten Teacher

Apart from your educational certificate there are some qualities that you need to possess. First and most important is patient and kindness. If you are an impatient person, just forget about it! You also have to know how to work your way with small children. Remember you will the temporary mother of all the small children in the school. They are your child and hence your responsibility.

You need to observe little children and analyze what these qualities are. Apart from the basic dos and don’ts, you do not need to teach what is right and wrong, but guide them in the right direction, so that they can analyze it themselves. You must have enough kindness and compassion never to use the wrong skills and instill bad qualities like jealousy, competition etc. on a child.

If you love spending time with children and can demonstrate sincerity, creativity, wisdom and empathy, then being a kindergarten teacher maybe the best job for you.

Areas Kindergarten Teachers Need to Work On

If you ever volunteer in day care centers and some of the best kindergarten school in gurgaon, you will know that teachers are responsible for introducing various curriculums. Some of the areas that teachers work on are:

·         Language area.
·         Art corner.
·         Cognitive skills.
·         Senso-motor skills.
·         Practical life skills.
·         Survival skills.
·         Outdoor learning environment.
·         Mathematics and Science.
·         Geography.

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