Evaluate New Hires the Right Way! Here’s how…

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Hiring new employees is integral to every organisation. No matter how good the work culture is most of the employees do leave the company at some or the other point of time. 

But, either due to a new requirement or the need to fill up the position, the work of HR recruiters gets tougher. 

Finding a good candidate for a position is a mammoth task. A candidate that ticks the checklist is hard to find.

 Even after hiring the candidate, you have to assess if the candidate was the right hiring. Judging the performance of the employee in the probation period the right way is crucial, otherwise, you will end up keeping a not so worthful candidate as a permanent employee and the same will keep affecting the bottom line for a long time.

In this blog, we tell you the way to evaluate new hires, read on.

1.      Make the candidates come to you- To eradicate the problem of not being able to find the right candidates, you should start positioning yourself in the market as a great place to work. This will help you attract the best of the talent. Isn’t it great that the tables will turn, you will start receiving applications from them? You may not even require making cold calls to the candidates, you can simply go to the repository in the HRMS software you use and then call them for an interview.
2.      Use the predictive analysis for better hiring- Irrespective of the role you are hiring the candidate for, it is important for you to make use of technology. Not only does it make you more unbiased and saves you from the unintentional bias but also ends the hiring process faster and increases your chances of hiring the right personnel.
3.      Look for passionate candidates- There are some people who are more of the job surfers, and then there are others who are passionate, looking for stability and are just more loyal. For instance, there are companies like Roche and Hilton that have an automated process to identify the serious candidates for the job in the initial phase of the interview itself. You don’t need to spend time developing a complex process. You can rather deploy an HR software that has this as an add on feature.
4.      Do check their social media profiles- No, we are not asking you to stalk the social media profiles of the candidates but yes, before giving a heads up to any candidate you must check their social media presence out especially the professional profiles like LinkedIn and more. All of this can help you gain more honest insight into his profile, thoughts and work.
5.      Assess with a test prior to hiring- Assessing the candidates even before they are called for an interview saves a lot of your time. For instance, whatever the profile is, you can give them a basic test to check their knowledge, soft skills and more.
6.      Run a test drive in a real workspace- If you want to see the real caliber of the candidates you are considering to hire, you should give them a task in the real workspace. This will help you understand how well he is in doing the job in real-time. Brands like Starbucks use this test drive thing to evaluate the readiness of the prospects.

Don’t believe all that they say- It is essential for you to ask the hiring manager to scratch the surface, that is, to look beyond what people say. While taking the interview, you should listen very carefully and ask the kind of questions that can help you know more about the professional and personal traits that you are looking for in the professional. 

Little things like eye contact, body language, email communications, and attitude, word selection can speak a lot. HRMS software can help you a lot in this regard, so don’t forget to leverage that optimally in the recruitment process.