Collapsible vs Magnetic - Which packaging is Trending in 2020 ?

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Collapsible rigid boxes are the name of convenience for all the product manufacturers out there who have a small storage place for the safekeeping of their product packaging solutions. These boxes are made out of moldable cardboard materials that do not crease, or DE shaped even if collapsed and reconstructed a number of times. 

Such type of boxes also cut down on the shipping rates since a large number of them can be shipped out without taking too much space. They are also lighter in weight unless specially made to carry a more substantial product.Magnetic and collapsible are two significant elements of a single type of packaging boxes. Collapsible rigid boxes mostly come with a magnetic closure. To create a comparison and find out which one is above the other. We need to have a look at both of them carefully.

Foldaway boxes:

Collapsible packaging is known for its portability. These boxes are the ultimate storage solution for all the product manufacturers and retailers out there. On a personal level, they also provide convenience at home by not taking up too much storage space once utilized and discarded. Collapsible gift boxes offer a unique and unorthodox way of offering gifts to loved ones.  

That not only makes them happy but also makes them realize that you have actually put in extra thought and effort to come up with something new and uncommon to offer them.Apart from an impressive outlook and great usage benefits, a collapsible storage box gives you several other benefits as well. Such as an effective and impactful marketing of your business. These boxes are made from thick materials that can be given a luxurious finish with minimal input. 

A little customization on their exterior can lend them that extravagant look that is primarily associated with the luxury style of packaging. This not only enhances their individual persona but also takes the reputation of your product and organization to the next level, where they are eyed as being something that is related to expense and luxury.The modern era is all about compact convenience. People are always on the move, and they like to have storage solutions that can accompany and assist them during their daily pursuits. A small collapsible box can not only be carried around conveniently but when not in use, it can be neatly folded and saved in your carry cases until further utility requirements. All these benefits plus many more make them an ideal choice and a trending packaging style of the present times.

Magnetic boxes:

They are called magnetic boxes mainly because of the way there closing mechanism operates via the help of integrated magnets in their structure. Broadly speaking, this type of packaging can is known to many as a subcategory of collapsible boxes since both of them use magnets for their structural accomplishment in several cases. Magnetic boxes, however, cannot be collapsed into an unassembled state. They remain in their actual structure all along, even during shipping and transit, which makes them not so beneficial packaging when the orders are enormous, and the supply is massive. 

These boxes take up a considerable amount of space when stored since they cannot be reduced from their actual sizes and shapes. Such boxes are highly preferred for the packaging of jewelry items since their magnetic closure system provides flawless security measures. They are known for their strength and thickness. Most commonly, they have a single thick cardboard sheet that is molded according to the desired shape. There is a magnetic strip at the start of the sheet which closes into itself at the culmination point of the box shape where another magnetic strip is insinuated.

Trends of the time:

Magnetic or collapsible, people of the present era prefer to buy whatever offers them the maximum protection and the most dynamic presentation. Both of these custom rigid packaging styles best fit both these standards. The best part is that one style compliments the other, so raising a versus war between them is somewhat unfair to both. Both these styles are trending in the running year, with more and more innovations and dynamics being added to them.

 Personal choices do prevail, but the object of productivity and cost-effectiveness is also being given an extra minute of thought and consideration in the present times.Trends are made to be topped up, matched, beaten, and changed. Whatever best fits the requirements of the masses in the most unconventional way, becomes fashion. Following them is beneficial, no doubt, but only to the extent that one does not hamper their own essential requirements because of them. Among these two, the answer is both. Now it depends on you, which style suits you the best.