Selling Your Fashion Brand in China

Branding is everything in china. China is a market for brands in 2020. Chinese consumers are very attached to mark (Label for quality), to item image, the organization and its position.

International Brands have advantages in the Chinese fashion world

International companies are often focused on establishing their business rapidly and attempting to manufacture benefit, then they forget to construct a decent reputation around their image. It is very essential to understand that Chinese people will possibly work with you on the off chance that you have established a reliable and dependable brand.

 China is becoming more and more digitalized than its counterparts. Truth be told, when you live in china, you will barely use money or cards, a mobile phone is the substitute of your card(paying through my Wechat wallet or Alipay). In this way, in the event that you intend to sell fashion brands to china, you ought to prepare yourself to go computerized, and online stages are the place to be.

Know the Market: Learn About E-commerce

The question that you have as a top priority is: which online eCommerce stage is the most profitable in China ?

The two biggest online ecommerce stages are :

·         Tmall Global (Tianmao)
·         JD.Com (jingdong)

A ton of Chinese people are purchasing items online, utilizing e-commerce stages authorized by the chinese government like Alibaba gathering, which holds a 56.5% stake, second place we have JDcom with 24.7%.

The marketplace offers evident advantages:

·         Existing and known stage : perceivability
·         Online payment already active
·         High traffic
·         Assistance 24/24 ;7/7

For a marketplace of those mentioned above, we are discussing every day visits of a great many users. A thousand billion dollars is the thing that the Chinese e-commerce has been Worth in 2017.

How to Sell Your Fashion Brand on Tmall Global?

Tmall has over half of the market shares in China and frequently used by international retailers. In the event that you intend to export to China, you should have a gander at this site.

JD.com is more focused on kitchen appliances and other electronic item (Tmall is presumably the best choice for you).

The most significant thing to keep at the top of the priority list about both JD and Tmall is that you don't need to have a neighborhood organization in China to begin selling your items.

On the off chance that you intend to sell on Tmall Global, you need to understand how to set up a store and the costs involved, you need to satisfy different requirement depending on which store type you choose.

Below I've listed the types of stores you can choose and the requirements :

·         You are the owner of the brand or have been granted permission from the brand owner to sell on Tmall Global
·         Your store sells and represents a single brand
·         Your store sells and represents several brands (need separate endorsement from Tmall)
·         Your store sells and represents a multi-brand market place ( need separate endorsement from Tmall)

Businesses ought to be registered outside of china with trademarks in china. The organization must be qualified for retail overseas and have great operating conditions. They should likewise be able to certify that their stock is located outside of China.

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