Stages after a Breast Lift at which You Should Perform Exercises

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You’ve just got your breast lift done and now you want to maintain your awesome results.

Even if it’s Demi Moore, a breast lift patient has to take a balanced diet and perform exercise to maintain the shape they’ve achieved.

But when it comes to post-surgery exercise, you may wonder from where to start.

The fact is that, every person is different. You can start exercising depending upon the extent of your surgery and your individual recovery.

But it’s true that considering your breast lift cost Coffs Harbour according to PCLS Coffs Harbour, it’s important for you to protect your investment and perform the right exercise.

Day of Procedure and First Week

Surgeons strongly recommend patients to be up and moving right on the night of their procedure, whether it’s breast lift or expert breast augmentation surgery in Coffs Harbour, for example.

Movement boosts recovery and promotes a sense of well-being.

Starting light activities like walking right after a surgery is called early ambulation. Early ambulation activates leg muscles and increases blood flow and oxygenation all through the body.

As a bonus, an activity helps body release endorphins, chemicals created by the body to relieve discomfort and elevate mood.

Besides walking, it’s advisable to use your arms in some activities on the day of the surgery. It’s a misconception that arms shouldn’t be moved after a breast surgery.

Actually, arm movement can prevent stiffness and so, should be performed.

While most patients return to most normal activities, heavy lifting as well as strenuous activities should be avoided at this stage of recovery process.

Two Weeks after Surgery

Two weeks after surgery, patients are usually allowed to engage in moderate physical activities such as low-impact, light cardio and other lower-body workouts.

You can even do gentle arm exercises. However, make sure you have bra support during the activities.

Heavy weightlifting (more than ten pounds) should be avoided for the first month after surgery.

Even if you feel overall energetic enough to perform high levels of exercises, doing too much too soon can create healing issues.

After Four Weeks and Beyond

Usually patients are allowed to perform normal workouts around four weeks after a breast lift. However, this again differs from patient to patient and situation to situation.

Talk to your surgeon if you are planning to return to heavy levels of physical activities.

Moreover, wearing a support bra all the time while exercising is helpful. This bra can help reduce the negative effects of gravity as well as movement of breasts on the healing scars.

In addition to that, the support can help limit the level of recurrent stretch of the skin of the breasts. If your skin stretches once, it will stretch again. Therefore support is helpful.

Schedule Your Consultation with the Doctor

It’s important to talk to your doctor from time to time regarding your recovery and the effect of exercise on your progress. So, schedule an appointment with your surgeon.

Engaging yourself in exercises will speed up the recovery process and make you feel good. So, go ahead.