What are the Different Types of 24 Inch Bikes for Sale?

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24 inch bikesare suitable for girls as well as boys who are in the 8 – 13 age groups, and ranges between 135 – 145 cm in height. These are most commonly available for the style work of a mountain bike, and comprise of suspension forks and gears. For children, this is the second largest bike that can be found on the market today. Taller kids can opt for a 26-inch bike instead of riding an adults’ bike that is extra-small in size.

Let us know about the different types of 24 inch bikes for sale available today.

24 inch Mountain Bikes

These 24 inch bikes for sale generally come with same types of components as adults’ bikes, like:
·         Suspension
·         Rim brakes
·         Disc brakes
·         Multiple gears
Typically, you can find these bikes having entry-level components like those of adult bikes. You can start seeing 24 and 21-speed gears at this size. Things can be expected to be more basic in bikes from a few brands, with only 8 or 7 rear gears. The best bikes should be selected on the basis of how much hilly areas you want to ride in the local terrain.

24 Inch Fat Bikes

These 24 inch bikes for sale are quite similar to 24 inch mountain bikes. Shock absorption and control retaining features are possible with suspension options. But suspension is not the same as in Fat bikes from some brands, given that it can increase weight and cost unnecessarily. A front suspension is there in most of these bikes, referred to otherwise as a ‘Hardtail’. You can also find a rear suspension as it arises with the rise in weight as well as price. It is best to stay away from Fat Bikes and Mountain Bikes that come with dual suspension, and are available at a cheap cost.

24 inch Road Bikes

This is another popular style that you can opt for because of the components and parts that are found in a full sized road bike. This type of bike can be regarded as smaller versions of adult road bikes. These 24 inch bikes for sale are designed to run on the road at greater average speeds, and comprise of slick, thin tires, and drop handlebars. Such kinds of bikes are designed for specific types of riding on the road. Thus, this can be the ideal bike for your kids if they want to go road racing or you are planning to take your children along on a charity ride or the road ride loop.

Girls’ 24 Inch Bikes

While both girls’ and boys’ 24 inch bikes have a lot of similarities in terms of colours, frames, and a few other aspects being different. Like boys’ bikes, girls’ bikes comprise of alloy frames that are light in weight although the frame design is different. Moreover, girls’ 24 inch bikes for sale are specifically designed to enhance the comfort factor, which is meant for boys that look similar to a full sized traditional bike with only wheels and frame of a smaller size.

Picking the best 24 inch bikes for sale for kids can be a serious business. Until your kid is in a pre-teen stage, you should avoid suspension featured bikes. It only makes the bike bulkier and your children will lack the upper body strength to ride it. Look for a bike that has child-specific brake levers and gears, and are easier to use. Double chain rings increase the weight of the bikes and make it more complex; hence, it is better to pick single chain rings until kids are old enough to be physically and mentally able to understand the concept of 24 inch bikes.

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