4 Amazing digital marketing lessons pandemic taught us

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The year 2020 was not less than a boot camp training for humans that introduced us again to the real essence of life that was slowly fading out in today's materialistic world powered with machines, the Internet, and technology. It's been almost around eight months that the whole world is battling up with the COVID 19 pandemic that has not only choked many innocent lives but has also brutally battered the global economy to its roots. This pandemic has also left us valuable lessons that turned out thinking upside down the way we see life.

But, be it social or industrial sector, we humans are born with some remarkable survival instincts that keep us on the pinnacle of the ecosystem on earth.

Every budding and big business were adjusting themselves to tune up with the pandemic in the broadest sense.

 Being a part of one of the best digital marketing company in Gurgaon, we have seen the dynamics of offline-online marketing evolved swiftly during this pandemic.  Here in this blog, we've compiled some of the digital marketing lessons that the pandemic brought for us.

Lesson#1  Building a profitable and strong core customer base is not a one day show. Digital Marketing takes time to build a profitable customer base in today's digital age, where every brand is taking online routes for their customers. The initial stage in this field is all about reaping the funds that you've invested in your company. Years of consistent efforts are required to get returns on your investment.

Lesson#2 It's not necessary to be omnipresent on every digital Channel. Means, it would be difficult to justify your presence on Channel that doesn't talk about the services that you're bringing on the table for your clients. In simple words, you're shooting in the wrong direction, and this will backfire your business.

Lesson#3  The real work starts with the website. Website is the core of every digital strategy that you can nickname it as a virtual bridge that lets your customer explore your products and services with one click. There is an end number of benefits of having a website- from capturing the leads to displaying an informative piece of content that pitches your sales. If you're into digital marketing, then there are some important segments such as SEO, Email Marketing, website conversions, etc. that required proper nourishment of your hard work. 

Lesson#4  It’s imperative to keep hanging on the newly updated and previous consumer trends. "Trends" it was important during pre-pandemic and so during the midway of a health crisis. Consumer trends have no brakes; it keeps on evolving in every phase and depends on what consumers gets engaged with. For example - Planting, Baking, and exercise were at the peak during this lockdown, and that's how customers' actions are turned into trends. The entire online marketing steers their focus to the " new normal" and started brainstorming to earn profits accordingly.

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