The safest and reliable booster seats for kids

Most states worldwide have implemented various safety measures to safeguard children and infants from risks of car accidents. Maxi Cosi booster seats are vital steps that have been applied to protect children from accidents. Car safety has raised the demand for a more advanced and safest booster for kids. Currently, we have various sizes and shapes to choose from.

Kids who are between 20 to 40 pounds should be harness booster seat. A seat booster is just an elevated seat that can be manually strapped with standard safety seat belts used in most cars. The safest and reliable seat boosters are designed with a five-point attached to set up made with safety features in mind.  



Here are various boosters’ seats that come with the best quality, safety, and best quality:

The Evenflo-Big-Kid-DLX Booster seat

The Evenflo-Big kid DLX seat comes with an added cushion and double activity light in the head support. Most parents love the idea of light seats for their kids, especially when they travel at night. It also comes with a toy that keeps the child occupied while in a long commute. The one-hand complete body height adjustment enables the seats to expand as the child grows.

Safety first Vantage-High-Back-Booster car seat

Safety first Vintage-High-Back booster seat model features five-point harness. It has been designed with different colors, usable on different sides, and also can be used reclined or upright. Also, it can be used both as a front-facing seat and belt-positioning booster. Vantage high back booster is robust and versatile. It is a great buy at an affordable cost.

Compass-B540-Ultra-Folding-Adjustable Booster

Compass B540 Ultra seat has been designed with a folding feature that makes storing and removing much easy. As your kid grows, you should use this adjustment to lift your child’s back and add full support. This seat is typically meant for kids aged between 3 to 12 years old, with a weight between 30 to 100 pounds.

Britax-Frontier-Booster car seat

Britax booster seat is heavier and also costly because it’s padded to keep the kid comfortable throughout the journey.  It has been designed with more deep side adjustable walls head support to offer side-impact protection. The highest 5-point harness allows kids to grow and stay safe and tied up to 80lbs or in the booster mode to 10lbs.


When a child has outgrown the harness seat, a no backless booster will be lesser expensive. So, they strongly recommend that kids use Maxi Cosi booster seats until they become older for child safety. They also insist that no kids under 13 years old should be in the front seat of the car. Hence, every guardian should plan their budget when looking for a suitable seat for their kid.

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