Useful Reason for Choosing a VPS server

If you are looking for a reasonable option, then you need to make a comparison first and after that, the reliable option available ever is the Virtual Private Server. Here, we have the top reasons due to which the owners of the business are looking for a VPS server and they need the same to grow themselves under a budget line.

Let us take a look at these below.


We all aware of the fact very well that the VPS server price is much more affordable than other sorts of dedicated server are. A very basic package has a beginning from $5 for each month. However, if you would like to take full advantage of all the true pros of a virtual private server (VPS), then we need to recommend opting for the same at a reasonable price.

Is that price much? No, not at all while we are considering the dedicated resources as well as flexibility as offered by the server at such a price.

IT (Information Security)

With the help of a VPS, the server environment is reserved for you only. No one else has accessibility to ensure that all your data is safe over there. Also, you can establish firewalls to maintain protections on the data from any fraud. The option is not at all available for cloud as well as shared hosting users and they settle for the default security settings on the server.

In addition to this, when you use some shared hosting server, then the vulnerability of the neighboring sites can put you at high risk too. If one site has some virus issues, then the same can attack the other sites on the same server. It does not happen in the case of the VPS server, as server sections are isolated on a virtual basis.


Even though you cannot handle the hardware, the installation of software on the server section is entirely in our control. You can pick up the OS, different versions of the programming languages, and some other programs you may install. In the end, the app is hosted on a well-configured server as per your needs. Better performance as well as easier application will continuously follow.

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With Shared Hosting, your scalability potential is near to zero. As the app develops and it increases traffic, you can use the resources that are not at all in use by some other apps. Similarly, when you run a dedicated server, scalability is possible but it needs hardware upgrades and some more efforts from the administrator of your server.

VPS hosting price enables you to expand the capabilities of the server, as you will grow, all with some clicks, and a slight hike in price. Just you need to upgrade your plan on HostingRaja and get a rise in your limits.


An ample number of pros are there related to a dedicated server but a strong catch can ruin everything, if something happens wrong with the hardware, then all apps or sites hosted on the server will go offline.

In such a case, you ought to secure yourself from the problems, the best alternative is to run a reserve one but that will cost you a bit steep.

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