4 Female Celebrities who flaunt their Classy Tattoos with Pride

We love to see our favorite celebrities on the red carpet flaunting their classy outfits, dazzling shoes, and flashy danglers. People show utmost curiosity about the tattoos they wear and are often asked what they symbolize. Celebrity tattoos have turned out to be the source of inspiration specifically to many teenagers in the world. Tattoos are in trend these days as they add spark to one’s personality.

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Here are the names of some famous female celebrities who flaunt their tattoos with utmost pride and confidence:

  1. Megan Fox

The exceptionally beautiful and classy Transformers actor Megan Fox has attained a lot of media attention for her amazing tattoo designs. She got varied tattoos etched on her body parts, including the side back, shoulder blade, wrist, and ankle.

The pieces of body art she wears add definition to her personality. The write-ups and designs are so prominent on her body that the newspapers and big magazines never felt it necessary to Photoshop them. Just like her, the tattoos are also highly appealing.

2.      Katy Perry

Hollywood’s one of the most recognized celebrities, Katy Perry, has earned innumerable awards and loyal fans. She flaunts her tattoos etched on her ankles, wrist, and arm. One of her tattoos is written in Sanskrit that depicts her fondness for Indian culture. No wonder she looks even trendier with these wonderful designs on her body.

3.      Angelina Jolie

The elegant and poised superstar is recognized for dazzling the award shows with her gorgeous appearances. The tattoos are placed on her upper arm, shoulder blade, lower arm, lower abdomen, thigh, neck, tramp stamp, and waist. Multiple designs on her body reveal her love for tattoos.

4.      Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria’s attained recognition after her appearance in the famous TV show Desperate Housewives. She wears the body art on her tramp stamp, neck, lower back, and wrist—no wonder the attention-grabbing tattoos enhance the overall outlook of this gorgeous actress.

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