Need Funds to Grow Your Business? Check How a Mortgage Loan Can Help You


Being a business person, you know the crucial role money plays in business growth. Whether your business is small or big, you need appropriate funds at the right time to give your business a boost.

In a dynamic world as this, you need to identify the right momentum and grab every opportunity. However, money often plays a spoilsport when your dream is significantly huge, which is why you need a home mortgage loan.   

Home mortgage loans have relatively simpler terms, and almost anyone with property ownership can avail one. Being a secured loan option, mortgage loan interestrate is one of the lowest you can ever find.

Read on to discover how a home mortgage loan can contribute to your business ambitions and tips you need to get the best loan. 

Reasons Why Home Mortgage Loans Are So Popular

Home mortgage loans offer several distinct benefits for a business owner. Here are the reasons why you need one:

Low Rates of Interest and Long Term

Mortgage loan interest rates start from 9.50%, and you can get up to twenty years for repayment. When you spread out the mortgage loanprincipal and interestover twenty years, the EMI will never burn a hole in your wallet. You can instantly get the funds for your business needs and repay it conveniently over twenty years. However, a longer loan term also increases the interest rate marginally, although it enables you to clear off the loan faster. Hence, you need to select the loan term appropriately to keep the EMIs within the limit. 

Minimal Documentation

Home mortgage loansrequire minimal documents for approval. All you require to arrange are your latest photograph, age and residence proof, bank statement, income proof, Income Tax Returns, property documents, and processing fee cheque. Lenders like PNB Housing provide doorstep service, in which the loan officer visits your registered address to collect the required documents. Hence, you do not need to waste a single minute to get the loan funds in your account.

Fast Loan Approval

For a business, time equals money. Home mortgage loansare usually processed much faster than most other loans. You can expect to receive the loan amount within an hour of loan approval, provided your documents are proper, and the property evaluation is complete.

High Loan Amount

The last thing you can do as a business person is to compromise with money. Home mortgage loans can provide you with funds of up to 60% of the pledged property. The mortgage loan amount and interestrate depend on how well you have maintained your property, its legal status, and location.

Flexible Repayment Options

Lenders usually offer two repayment plans for home mortgage loans- Electronic Clearing System (ECS) and post-dated cheques. You can also change the repayment plan during the loan term to suit your convenience.


When it comes to getting funds to set up or expand a business, you need a cheap loan option. Home mortgage loansprovide not only low interestrates but also convenient repayment options, minimal documentation, a high loan amount, extended tenure, and quick approval. However, to get the best features, you have to choose the right lender with a proven track record. 

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