University of Phoenix Career Development Cycle Prepares Students for Job Exploration


The playbook for finding a new job or advancing in your current position has been thrown out the window.

Today, there is no single, right way to conduct a successful job search. This reality is driven by the dynamic, ever-evolving pace of the modern job marketplace. Regardless of the industry, location or job role, managing your career and job search is critical.

At University of Phoenix, the leading online university for adult learners, career planning is an essential part of the student experience. The University uses a four-part process to guide students in their career exploration: The Career Development Cycle.

Career Development Today

Careers are fluid and flexible, and navigating the ever-changing landscape can be challenging. Job seekers may find themselves in one of four stages in the University of Phoenix Career Development Cycle: Imagine, Investigate, Implement and Iterate. Here’s a closer look at each.


This is the stage where dreams emerge. Students identify paths to begin a career exploration journey by thinking about the following questions:

        What do you want to do in your next job?

        What jobs would be the best match for you?

University of Phoenix students can start with exploring the PhoenixLink™ career portal. The portal contains a built-in career exploration tool to help students assess their interests and identify careers to consider.


In this stage, students research careers that align with their desired professional goals. This investigation includes asking yourself the following:

        What job do you want to do?

        What skills and education are required for that job?

Career Services staff at University of Phoenix help students to analyze their options and define goals that help them achieve career readiness. Staff members assist students in acquiring the career-relevant experience and skills necessary via learning opportunities and program-related projects.


To implement career advancement, knowledge becomes action. Students finalize and complete their individualized plans and adapt to challenges they may experience during the journey.

University of Phoenix offers a wide array of resources and career-readiness tools to support students. These tools focus on important, tangible parts of the career readiness process including:

        Creating a personal brand

        Writing resumes and cover letters

        Providing interviewing and networking tips

PhoenixLink is an important resource for students in this stage. The online career portal gives students access to:

        Job listings

        A resource library

        The world-wide University of Phoenix alumni network

        Mentoring opportunities

        Career fairs and networking events

One tool embedded in PhoenixLink is Vault, which lets students find, research and assess potential employers as well as see internship opportunities and browse job listings.

Students who need additional career guidance can sign up for personal career coaching with the University’s career advisors. In addition, academic advisors can provide insights about University of Phoenix career services tools and other resources.


Career management is an ongoing process. At every stage of a career, professionals should consider what their career will look like a year from now or three years from now. Professionals should also keep alternatives in mind in case their current employment no longer remains an option.

The iterate stage is one of self-reflection, goal-setting and career decision making. University of Phoenix students and graduates can access mentors and guidance or take advantage of reskilling and upskilling certificate and single-course options.

To learn more about University of Phoenix and its extensive career preparation and support services, visit phoenix.edu.

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