What are the different types of cheese that come into the market?

Cheese has become a necessary part of everyone’s meal. It is used in unlimited dishes. The cheese acts as a basic ingredient for many dishes cooked all over the world. 

All people especially children, like to eat cheese in almost every dish. It is a dairy product that has some important components like water, milk, fat, protein, and casein. Cheese is created after going through several steps. A large number of cheese varieties are now found in the world.


Parmesan cheese Singapore is a popular cheese variant that is used by the people there in several dishes. Although eating a lot of cheese everyday can damage your health fast but if you are taking in a limited quantity it gives benefits to the heath. 

Cheese is rich in calcium that makes bone strong and keeps your dental health better by protecting from cavities. It is a good source of vitamin D and essential fats which is necessary for our body. 

Cheese helps in keeping the low blood pressure that’s why suggested to eat by the doctor to the people who have high blood pressure. 

All those individuals who work-out for making healthy muscles are suggested to add cheese in their meal. In the market there are different varieties of cheese are available that have various features and dissimilar in taste.

  1. Fresh cheese: Fresh cheese is the most liked variety by the people. It has high moisture content with a soft texture. A drawback with the fresh cheese is that you can’t preserve it for several days. It is generally used in salads.
  2. Pasta Filata: When stretching the curd by hand before giving it a final shape this pasta filata cheese is formed. It has a stringy texture that melts easily. It is perfect for making pizza, pasta, and other Italian dishes. It added a taste when used with herbs and olive oil.
  3. Bloomy rind cheese: It has a buttery flavour with white pillowy from outside. It has a smooth and dense cheese made from goat milk.
  4. Aged cheese: It has low in moisture and paired with generally roasted nuts.
  5. Blue cheese and Bloomy rind cheese are the other forms of cheese.

Conclusion: Cheese has over more than three hundred varieties all over the world. It is liked by a different region of people with a different culture. It is used in unlimited variants of dishes.

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