10 Important factors you must consider while buying a smartphone in 2021

Purchasing a new smartphone, especially in today’s market can be a daunting task. Buyer’s remorse is a phenomenon we are all too familiar with. In fact, post-decision dissonance and second-guessing are things we are intimately familiar with, as price-conscious yet rather ambitious buyers. This feeling only gets exacerbated when we consider the dozens of brands that exist in the Indian smartphone marketplace.

We have innumerable options at various price points; whether we want to purchase the best mobile less than 15,000 INR, the best smartphone at around INR 30,000, or even around INR 60,000, there is no dearth of options and choices. Even if you want to purchase a luxury device, you still must choose between smartphones offered by brands like Apple, Samsung, Motorola and Huawei among others.

While this explains the fluctuating and mercurial consumer mindset, another factor that contributes to our indecisiveness is the bouquet of features that smartphones come equipped with. It goes without saying that auxiliary features increase the price of the smartphone, and it is imperative that we know what we want.

Certain features are purely for aesthetical purposes, while others are integral for the proper working of a smartphone. Sometimes, the line between what is necessary and what is auxiliary gets blurred, and it is crucial that we know what we are looking for.

As consumers, we must consider the following ten factors while purchasing a new smartphone in 2021, apart from all the bells and whistles that the devices come with.

Processor + GPU

Today’s smartphones come with faster processors, and with gaming being one of the main requisites of the modern smartphone user, most smartphones have a dedicated GPU to enhance the gaming experience. It is important that you purchase a smartphone with a fast processor (with a good base clock speed), and if possible, has a dedicated GPU. For instance, Honor 8X smartphone is powered by the HI Silicon Kirin 710 chipset, while the smartphone also comes with Huawei's GPU Turbo, which makes it one of the best mobiles under 15000 INR for gaming.


After the processor, RAM is arguably the next most important element in a smartphone. It essentially lets you multitask with ease, while keeping the other applications running in the background. The higher the RAM size, the heavier applications you can keep running in the background. Today, considering the number of apps we use, having a smartphone with at least 6GB RAM is a safe bet.

Internal Storage

Since we want to download a lot of apps, and store important documents, photos and videos on our devices, having a smartphone with at least 64GB internal storage is important. Most of the budget smartphones today allow users to expand their storage through microSD cards. However, mid-range phones do not give users that feasibility, so before choosing a smartphone, one must take a closer look at the requisite storage space.


The best mobiles under 15,000 INR come with at least 4,000mAh battery capacity, and can have as much as 6,000mAh battery capacity. A 5,000mAh battery offers a suitable middle ground, and ensures that the smartphone keeps running for at least a day.

Fast Charging Feature

Another important aspect pertaining to the smartphone battery is the fast charging feature. From Warp Charging to Dart Charging, smartphones today come with fast charging feature, and allow users to charge their devices up to 100% within just an hour!


Cameras are extremely important while purchasing a smartphone. From the best Oppo phones under 15000 INR to the best Realme or Xiaomi mobiles under 15,000 INR, you get excellent rear cameras and front cameras. Additionally, certain budget smartphones also come with AI-powered rear cameras, which help you take stunning photos with impeccable clarity and detail.

Display Size and Resolution

Smartphone users today like indulging in gaming sessions. For this reason, it is important to take a closer look at the phone’s display size and resolution. From Super AMOLED Full HD+ displays to IPS LCD displays, the phone’s display and resolution, along with the refresh rate play an important role in offering an immersive viewing and gaming experience.

In-display Fingerprint Sensor

Most smartphones today have the fingerprint sensor either to the side of the phone, or at the back. However, some models offer greater convenience with an in-display fingerprint sensor, which also gives the device a premium touch.

5G Support

In 2021, it is almost unfathomable to purchase a new smartphone without 5G support. With 5G networks set to be rolled out in the next 12 - 18 months, it is important to future-proof your smartphone. Therefore, you must purchase a phone that comes with 5G support.

Auxiliary Features

Lastly, you can look for auxiliary features, such as wireless charging, wireless earphones, and all the bells and whistles you would need in your smartphone. These aren’t a requisite, but depending on your preference and taste, you can consider these features before purchasing a new device.

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