3D Printing – Mass Customization

Coffee mugs, sunglasses or your mobile cover, 3d is the way to be. People prefer personalised stuff. Brands are looking to adapt to this and provide customized products to the consumers. Business services/Printing service customizes products as per the customers needs. As needs of the customers are increasing for tailored services, mass communication is on the rise too. With this the demand for digital technology like 3d printing has surfaced.

Some believe 3d printing also known as additive manufacturing is supposed to be larger than the internet. On the other hand, others believe the hype around 3d printing is a matter of time and it will soon die. 3D printing Singapore is a new exciting technology that caters to the consumers who like tailor made services for themselves.

Let us have a look at how the 3d printing technology is used in different industries in today’s day and age.

3d Printing in the consumer goods industry

The consumer goods industry uses 3d printing technology like the footwear industry. The footwear industry uses the 3d printing technology to scan the measurements of a customers feet. It is then sent to the manufacturing unit to get customized footwear for customers.

Similarly, the jewellery industry uses the 3d printing technology to replicate their designs. This makes their work easier and the end results are satisfactory.

3d Printing in health care industry

3d printing is used in the healthcare industry to customize and provide tailor made solutions to patients like prosthetics, implants and other tools. However, this is not mass customization. These devices are personalised for end users. The other medical tools that are custom made with the help of 3d printing are hearing aids. All these tools could be very difficult to be customized without the 3d printing technology.

The automotive industry

The automotive industry is also not left far behind when it comes to using 3d printing technology. The luxury segment of automobile have already got into 3d printing of their automobile parts for mass customization. Since the production is small in the luxury segment 3d printing is used in manufacturing automobile parts that are used in the final assembly.

The 3d printing technology helps manufacturers in keeping up to the trend of customization and personalization.The consumers yearn for tailor made products and the manufacturers with the help of this advance technology keep their consumers’ needs and requirements in check. However this is not the norm yet, it is still a niche.

3D printing technology helps the mass customization drive and helps manufacturers produce products faster and in more cost effective way. It looks like a win-win as consumers also have a say in how the product should look and feel like.

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