7 Signs That Tell Your Heating And Cooling System Needs A Repair

A heating and cooling system is very necessary for most houses especially in regions that can be very hot or too cold. You do not have to be experienced in fixing heating and cooling systems before you know that it is in dire need of repair. Changes in performance are common signs that it is due for repair. These are 7 signs that your heating and cooling system needs repair. Let's get down to it.

    Strange Sounds

It is important to notice what sounds come from your system when it is on. It is supposed to be quiet enough to be normal background noise. Common sounds you should be aware of include clanking, whistling, or groaning sounds. If they make these sounds, then your heating and cooling system needs repair. And you can reach out to Green Street HVAC heat and air repair for the best services.

    Weird Smells

If you catch a glimpse of any foul smell, then your system is in dire need of repair. A mildew smell may mean the growth of mold. A more dangerous smell could indicate a burning smell. You should contact your repairman if any if this occurs.

    Water Leaks

When your system cools your house, it relies on refrigerant and might produce some condensation. None of these liquids should leak into your home. Once you notice a leak coming from your heating and cooling system, then it is not working properly. Leaks can cause serious structural damage to your house.

    Inconsistent Temperature

When your system is not consistent with the temperature, then it means your heating and cooling system needs to be repaired. This can be noticed when your system takes longer than it normally takes to cool or heat your home. A faulty heating and cooling system can blow hot air when it is supposed to produce cold air.

    High Utility Bill

If you are left in shock at the site of your electricity bill then your heating and cooling system may be faulty. The best course of action is to get it repaired to avoid paying unnecessary inflated utility bills.

    Power Issues

If your heating and cooling system starts to shut down unexpectedly or if the breakers are tripped, then a repair is due for your system. This problem can be something more serious like a worn-out wire. This can cause a house fire or even damage your electrical system.

    If Your Thermostat Does Not Work

If you notice that your thermostat has stopped working, it is likely due to your heating and cooling system. The thermostat is your system’s command center. Without your thermostat working properly, your heating and cooling system will not know when to work and control the climate. If you notice your thermostat is not working, check if they need batteries. If nothing happens, then contact your technician to have it fixed.

A good heating and cooling system are necessary for both your comfort and safety. You should get your air filters changed regularly. UltraViolet lamps can also help to get rid of microbial growth. Proper maintenance will prolong the lifespan of your system.

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