What Causes Brown Tap Water

Clean water is very essential to have good health. You can hardly go a whole day without taking a glass of water. When you turn on your tap, you want to see clear and clean water. If you have brown water coming out of your tap, it can be an alarming sight. Here are the causes of brown water in your tap. Also, see this powerful system that purifies water.

    New Water Source

One of the common causes of brown water coming out of your tap is changing to a new water source. The change can disrupt the way it flows. This will change the color and even taste of your water.

    Galvanized Water Pipes

Galvanized pipes are steel pipes. If your home is old, it may have galvanized pipes. Over time, these pipes may rust, and this rusty deposition will add unwanted toxins and color to your water. The best way to solve this issue is to replace your pipes with plastic or copper pipes.

    Organic Materials

Dirt and other organic materials settle at the bottom of your water source. If the water flow is suddenly sped up, it can stir up the bottom and cause your water to turn brown. For example, when the water is being used by fire services, it can speed up the flow of water.


Air can get trapped inside your water system. When this happens, it can change the natural color of your water.

    Filtration Equipment

Although this rarely happens, another reason for your tap dispensing brown water may be due to the malfunction of the filtration equipment. This may be because the equipment was not built to handle the volume of water it is being used for.

    Water System Pollution

If you have a groundwater system and your tap is dispensing brown water, there is a high possibility that rainwater may have found its way into your system. Certain chemicals like pesticides or motor oil may contaminate your water and change the color.

    Bronze Alloys in Valves

Bronze is common with the production of water pumps and their parts. Bronze valves may deteriorate and pollute the water flowing through your plumbing system. This bronze residue will make your water turn brown.

    Iron and Manganese

Another possible reason your water may have turned brown can be due to high levels of iron and manganese in your water. Iron and Manganese may be considered contaminants but they are both essential nutrients your body requires to function effectively. Excess manganese and iron can cause skin issues and organ failures.

    New Pipes

New pipes are less likely to rust and dispense brown water. But pipe repairs can change the pressure of your water. If this happens, it is not likely to be long-term and should not take long for your water system to start working properly.

Mold, algae, and other living organisms can also enter your water system and cause brown tap water. It is very dangerous to drink contaminated water as it can cause several health issues like hemochromatosis which is iron overdose. The best way to solve this issue of brown water is to contact a professional plumber to have it fixed.

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