Bespoke Furniture vs Off-The-Shelf Furniture – Which One Is Better

Your house is your haven. It's a place where you may feel comfortable and at ease when life gets too much. As such, you want to decorate it to perfection. A big part of this is furniture.

Exceptional furniture can radically transform a room, so it's crucial to think carefully about your purchase. Most of the time, what comes to mind when choosing furniture is price, material, themes, colour, style and size. What you may not consider is whether you want to go off the shelf or bespoke.

Many people do not realize how much value bespoke furniture can give them. Before we go into the specifics of bespoke vs. off-the-shelf furniture, it's a good idea to first address 2 basic questions:

What Is Bespoke Furniture?

Bespoke furniture is designed, commissioned, and made specifically for a person to meet their individual unique need. As such, bespoke furniture tends to be one-of-a-kind and gives excellent value to an owner.

What Is Off-The-Shelf Furniture?

It's furniture that is made in large quantities and purchased and used without any customization. Most times, it's bought ready-made from an online furniture store or a high street retailer.

Which One Is Better: Bespoke Furniture vs Off-The-Shelf Furniture

Even without digging into the details, it's obvious that bespoke furniture is better than off the shelf furniture. By choosing Bespoke Furniture, you are hiring professionals to create something unique to you. You'll be guided through the process so that you can end up with a piece of furniture that's exactly what you desire; it's bringing all your concepts to life!

Bespoke Furniture From Origins Design

Whether you are a design professional or an individual buying for your own home, are there more reasons to consider bespoke? For readers that are based in Guildford see bespoke curtains Guildford.

• Ease and Experience

Despite the fact that you will have to wait for your custom-made piece of furniture, our specialists can have far shorter lead times than you might imagine. We can turn things around reasonably quickly since we have a set amount of raw materials available, waiting for their next contract.

This is generally faster than high-street stores, who can have lead periods of up to 12 weeks because they import their furniture from abroad. More so, purchasing from a local company, such as a British furniture maker, reduces delivery times and makes ordering easier.

Even though most people assume that high street furniture is more convenient and immediate, the simplicity with which an experienced bespoke furniture manufacturer will grasp what you are searching for, design it to perfection and make it excellently outstrips the benefits of high street furniture.

The typical process of making bespoke furniture involves

- Client brief, lead times, and budget negotiations
- Presentation of a design concept and estimate
- Provision of a Firm estimate and 3D model
- Payment of the deposit
- Furniture is manufactured
- Delivery and Installation

All of this is done for you, and you are involved in every step of the process. Furthermore, you will be able to benefit from your furniture maker's broad experience, which will ensure that the build is of high quality.

• Exceptional Products

A piece of custom furniture will be built to your exact specifications and will be well-crafted. Your bespoke furniture, unlike off-the-shelf equivalents with built-in obsolescence, is built to last. The craftsmen who construct your chair, storage, or cabinet may not use the easiest and fastest methods, but they will be creating an item that will retain its worth for life.

The fact that bespoke furniture is more expensive than off-the-shelf furniture is readily offset by its long lifespan and the numerous advantages of having something produced expressly for you and your (or your client's) home. Moreover, bespoke furniture isn't always as pricey as you may think; we don't have to operate a costly retail store or shop front, so we can keep our margins low.

• Truly One-Of-A-Kind

A bespoke piece of furniture is produced not just to your exact specifications, but also to fit your style and lifestyle. Your bespoke furniture maker will be able to advise and assist you on the appropriate style, finishes, materials, colour, size and shape. Better yet, they can add any personal touches you may want (or they suggest!) to reflect your personality (or the personality of your client) in the piece.

Wind Up

When it comes to bespoke furniture, the choices are truly limitless! Whatever you can perceive, you can receive!

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