How To Choose The Right Nanny

Why Hire A Nanny?

Hiring a reliable nanny shouldn't be a stressful process. Most parents prefer to hire a nanny than choosing nurseries or childminding services to take care of their kids. Most nanny services offer a flexible and complete childcare package for parents. They provide personalised care within the familiar surroundings of the home environment of the child.

The Role Of A Nanny

Nannies usually provide care for children on a shared or sole charge basis on a daily or live-in arrangement depending on the needs of the parent. A contract will be signed during the hiring process with all the terms and conditions included in it. A nanny will also provide nursery duties including washing, ironing, tidying the bedroom and play area, preparing home-cooked meals, and keeping the kitchen clean and tidy in addition to the childcare provided. In fact, a Nanny Housekeeper will do much more than the title suggests including housekeeping as part of her job duties.

A live-in nanny provides more flexibility to your childcare routine by starting early and working later into the evening. This type of service is ideal for busy parents who are working in demanding careers and find it difficult to meet their childcare arrangements. A live-in nanny will usually work a flexible week including early or late working and babysitting up to two nights a week. They will also provide weekend care by arrangement or in lieu of their time off during the week. You need to provide adequate accommodation to a live-in nanny - not shared with the child. In fact, the accommodation should be available for the nanny to use during her duty hours as well as her off days.

On the other hand, a daily nanny will work on specific days of the week in lieu of the terms and conditions of the contract. They will work set hours and any additional hours should be treated as extra hours and paid accordingly. If you need evening or weekend babysitting, it should be agreed upon in advance and included in the contract. You will have to pay for the extra hours on top of the basic rate.

What If You Only Need Before Or After School Care?

Parents who require a few hours of childcare each day or during holidays should consider a nanny-share. The nanny will have time to work for another family making it easier for you to hire her without having to pay a higher rate to keep her on your roster. That way you won't lose the nanny if she receives a better offer with more pay. With that being said you may want to have a look at 'nanny payroll calculator'.

An alternative to a nanny-share is to hire a nanny with her own child. A nanny with her own child will always be willing to work at a lower rate or fewer hours compared to a nanny who is dependent on your offer. A nanny with her own child can keep her childcare costs to a minimum while working for you. You will get a nanny who doesn't need a full-time position when you hire a nanny-share.

How To Find The Right Nanny!

Finding a good nanny was a long and drawn-out process in the good old days. Parents had to rely on the competency of recruitment agencies to find a good nanny in the past. The internet enables direct communication between parents and nanny services these days. It helps remove the barriers of the past and provides more choices than ever before when hiring a reliable nanny to take care of your child.

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