How To Dress To Flatter Your Body Shape

Finding an outfit to compliment your natural body shape can be challenging. Following style and cut rules can take all the joy out of shopping and make us feel as if the dressing is a chore. On the other hand, you don't want to choose clothing that does not flatter your figure. If variety is the spice of life, then your wardrobe should reflect this with choices that are both exciting and flattering. So how can you go about getting this balance just right? Below are some tips on how to dress to flatter your body shape. You may be interested in seeing 'hide back fat'.

Guidelines, Not Rules

Don't take those style rules too seriously and rather use them as guidelines. The fashion police aren't going to arrest you if you choose a cut you love that isn't the most flattering. And don't let yourself get caught up on the tiniest details of what you should and shouldn't wear.

So what guidelines should you use when choosing clothes?

1. Apple Shape

An empire or A-line will define the hips while a prominent neckline will make the torso appear longer.

2. Pear-shaped

Skinny or wide-leg trousers create a balance between the top and lower portions of the body. Extravagant necklines draw attention to the upper part of the body.

3. Triangle

A V or wide neckline combined with skinny, straight-cut bottoms will balance the shoulder line.

4. Rectangle

Wear separates to create a waistline and layer clothing to create depth.

6. Hourglass

Highlight your waistline with tailored cuts, high rise trousers and dresses with a cinched middle.

Creating Your Shape

Remember that rules are made to be broken and that you don't need to adhere strictly to a dressing formula. After all, shapewear was designed specifically to allow you to create your own shape. Apple waist getting you down - a high rise control brief will help slim it down from the bust for a smoother curve and line. Shaping shorts compress the thighs and hips to tone down the bottom part of a pear-shaped figure. You can use shapewear in different ways to smooth your silhouette and allow you to experiment with a greater variety of cuts and styles.

Variations On A Theme

When you have found a look that you are comfortable with and flatters your shape, don't get too stuck on it. Try different variations on the same theme. For example, an A-line skirt can be structured or skater. Go for bold prints that aren't floral. If a v-neck is flattering, give a cowl or scooped neckline a try for some variety. Don't be afraid to experiment.

Shape Your Shape

There is nothing wrong with getting a little help from shapewear to allow you to wear that perfect little outfit that you love. Shapewear can go a long way towards inspiring confidence in what you wear. It is advisable to have a range of different types of shapewear to give you the desired shape for daily and occasional wear. Use this tool to your advantage and open up a whole new world of clothing options.


Accessories have the power to entirely change an outfit. If you have a big bust and like to wear a roll neck, the addition of a scarf or chunky necklace can soften the look. A wide belt is an ideal addition to a figure-hugging dress to create the illusion of a waist for a rectangular figure. Don't allow your body shape to define your style. Use accessories to assist you in creating the look you want with confidence.

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