Save Money With Lift Maintenance

Lift consultants are the professionals in the best position to explain why it is critical to maintain your lift on a regular basis. Life equipment must be regularly maintained so that the life's proper functioning can be preserved by the building owner as well as comply with all legal obligations and improve its durability.

Fortunately for building operators and owners, it is not expensive to have lift maintenance services done. You will not need to incur high expenses in order to get a lift maintenance contract secured. In fact, a good lift maintenance plan will preserve the efficiency of the equipment and will actually save the owner money over the long run.

The following discussion is with the lift engineer David Pickering. He offers further insight on why lift maintenance is so important for both residential and commercial properties.

About David Pickering

Mr Pickering is an ILECS Associate Director. He started his career working as an apprentice and obtained more than twenty years of life servicing, installation, manufacturing, and design experience. He also worked in Dublin as a senior engineer before moving into consultancy work in 2002 in the UK.

Mr Pickering earned a Master's in Lift Engineering at the University of Northampton and is also a Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) member. Below are some questions we asked David Pickering. See here for Eze Lifts.

How Is A Lift's Reliability Protected By Maintenance?

I often use car analogies to provide my client with an overall idea of why their building's lift equipment needs maintenance on a regular basis. In general, people have a tendency to better understand new concepts when an explanation uses easy-to-understand and engaging language.

A lift's general design features, like a car, include the following:

  • Doors
  • User control features
  • Braking system
  • Electronic control system
  • Motor machine

Some of the above lift equipment parts are consumable items. That means the building owner will be required to replace them on a regular basis throughout the operating life of the lift.

A lift's consumable items can include ropes, oil, and rollers. A car owner will need to replace the filters, oil, and tyes after a certain amount of use time.

Lifts are available in various designs, just like cars. EZE Lifts and other lift manufacturers will also vary based on their reputation, customer base, and product quality.

Like with cars, when we are using a lift, we expect certain levels of reliability, efficiency, and mobility. When entering a car or lift, we want to arrive at our destination in a reliable, quick, and simple way. However, a lift and car will lose some of their operational efficiency over the years and when used constantly.

A preventative maintenance plan will schedule regular inspection and servicing over the course of the lift equipment's entire useful life to ensure that it performs without faults.

Are You Saying That Adopting a Good Maintenance Plan Is An Essential Requirement To Have A Reliable Lift?

Basically, yes. Having a preventative maintenance plan in place will protect the proper functioning of the lift and sure that the lift works in compliance with regulatory and safety guidelines and laws. A building operator or owner will rely on a planned preventative maintenance plan to satisfy their legal obligations.

Quite often safety regulations will affect both commercial and residential buildings. The guidelines include the following:

  • The Health and Safety at Work Act
  • The Lift Operations and Lifting Equipment regulations
  • The Provision and Use of Work Equipment regulations

In order with the regulations above, the building operator or owner will need to ensure that the lift is in safe and good working condition at all times

How Much Does It Cost To Secure A Lift Maintenance Plan?

Continuing with our car analogy, a maintenance plan's scope for a lift is going to vary depending on the type of lift equipment it is.

The cost of a quality lift maintenance plan is going to depend on the factors below:

  • Type of use
  • The lift equipment's original quality
  • Lift equipment's age
  • Level of usage

If a heavily engineered and well-installed lift is compared to a value-engineered that are working in the same type of environment the former would need a lower-level preventative maintenance programme compared to a value-engineered lift.

A heavily engineered and well-installed lift features robust components. This boosts the durability of the lift. It also minimizes the scope of maintenance services that are required compared to lesser quality lifts.

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