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Things to Keep In Mind before Hiring a Plumber

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Every household needs to avail the services of a plumber several times in a year. Before hiring a plumber it is important to ensure that you hire a licensed plumbing contractor, who has adequate knowledge about his field of work. Labor, material cost and important decisions regarding payment terms should also be considered before finalizing any decision 

Plumbing is one of the most important household jobs which often require professional help. A simple leak from pipefitting which costs less than a dollar can easily disrupt your household work and cause huge problem in your household schedule.

As it goes with any kind of contractors or technicians there are certain practical things which you need to consider before beginning your work with a plumber. There are two kinds of plumber who handle household jobs. The first category is known as the family plumbers who are responsible for basic repairs while the second category is known as plumbers who are responsible for remodeling projects.

Here are some points which you need to keep in mind before you hire a plumber to do work in your home.


Whenever you're planning to hire any plumber make sure you know whether they have a license or not. Many plumbers operate without a license and one of the biggest downside of hiring non licensed plumbers lies in the fact that you are unable to seek grievance redressed from any governing state and local body because you choose to hire someone who does not operate with a valid license.

Total Cost

Professional plumbers like Priority Plumbing in Canada offer a free estimate to their customers regarding the cost of the project. Most professionals would come to check out the job before they begin working on it. Once your prospective plumber had a look into the kind of job which you will be required to perform, ask him about the cost of material, labor and other related stuff for which you shall be required to pay for.

Flat Rate v/s Hourly Charges

When you hire a professional plumber always opt for someone who works on flat rate which won't change because of fluctuating labor cost. If your plumber is charging you by the hour make sure the charges also includes the cost of materials. However one downside side of our hourly rate lies in the fact that if the job runs long the cost of labor are likely to go up. Make sure you know what you are opting for before you sign a contract.

Payment Slabs

Before beginning a job ask your plumber how much of the total cost he wants to be paid up front. If your potential plumber asks for 100% of the cost before starting the job refrain from hiring him. Most professions use a system of milestones which means once a certain piece of work is completed you are required to pay a certain percentage of the agreed amount. Plumbers who do not follow the milestone method often asked for payment after a specified period when they have completed the job.

Priority Plumbing is a company based out of Toronto, who is committed in providing you with the best possible plumbing services in Toronto. They have very high standards and regularly train plumbers to meet their goals. You can expect lifetime warranty on all installations from Priority Plumbing.

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