Derma roller and How It Works

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In the ancient Chinese, needles were used largely by the doctors that were there at that time. This was especially for skin conditions, body therapy and massage. This practice is still available today but has since been spread throughout the world with some advancement but still the same great results.

Some of the advancements in the use of needles are the use of derma rollers. This is a technology that uses micro needles in the treatment of the skin. It is rolled on the skin reaching out to the important part of the skin which triggers the body to react naturally healing itself.

How does it work?

Injection on the skin creates injuries to the skin but the real help with these injuries is in their healing. During the healing process collagen and elastin are produced. These two helps in the healing process as well as leaving the complexion of the skin to it natural beauty. The wrinkles and fine lines are also eliminated during this healing process.

These needles penetrate the skin so deeply that it does not only heal just the upper part of the skin but heals from the inside of the skin. The stubborn scars that cannot be removed by applying products are reached and healed during the process thus eliminating all the scars.

How to choose the best equipment

In choosing the best derma roller to use for your skin, you need to consider the extent and the depth of your scars and the areas on which you are applying the roller. For areas around the eyes, you need needles that are not too long and sharp to avoid any injuries to the eyes.

For skins with deep scars, one should get long and sharp so as to reach all the marks and scars deep in the skin. It is also advisable to ask some friends who have previously used this equipment for their advice on the best products to purchase.

How it is different from chemicals

This is an all-natural procedure as it does not involve the use of any chemical products on your skin. The main difference is that chemicals eat through your skin destroying your skin and removing the layers of your skin.

This leaves the inner skins exposed which are at high risk on being infected and having skin diseases such as skin cancers. This method however does not remove any part of the skin but it only helps your skin in healing itself by triggering the process.

Does it really work?

From testimonies all around the world, these rollers actually work and their popularity is increasing by day. People are shifting away from away from the use of chemical products to the natural remedies of using needle to treat their skins and look younger.

There are no known side effects of using these rollers. They can be used by people of all ages since this is also a painless process. Try this for your skin and see how great you will improve and heal your skill.

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