Assurance of a better quality of life for your unborn child.

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The worst thing that can affect a pregnant woman and create an impact on her already fragile state is knowing that something is terribly wrong with her unborn child. However, it is not the end of the world and advances in science and technology have made fetal surgery possible.

Operating on the fetus was something that was unimaginable, but now with a growing number of unborn babies- around 3 percent in the world have a birth defect that could be severely complex. Treating these diseases at birth is possible, but sometimes it might be way too late. By the time a child is born he may have an incurable disease that will last him a lifetime.

With the reach of technology and medicine spreading far and wide leading to an increase and improvement in prenatal testing and fetal imaging, a lot of new spheres have opened their doors. People have now started understanding what fetus development is all about and what are the necessary precautions that can be undertaken.

What happens during a fetal procedure?

Fetal surgery india is a very promising field when it comes paediatric medicine, however it is a very hard and challenging procedure spiked with such complexities that an error can end either the mother's or the child's life. It is a field that requires a lot of experience and timely medical care for both the mother and the baby. Here timing along with proper coordination is crucial.
When you have an option to intervene earlier to save the lives of so many babies, it  indeed proves that science has created miracles.

Prenatal heart surgery

Around 7 years ago, medicine made a breakthrough with the help of fetal medicinal experts. They performed a heart surgery on a fetus to remove intrapericardial teratoma, a life threatening tumor. If they had waited to take this out after birth, the child would have faced serious defects in his everyday functioning. The child is now a healthy 5 year old, with no problems whatsoever.

The Indian scenario

More than 4,50,000 babies in India have severe birth defects when they are born and a large chunk of them are born in Delhi.

To perform the surgery, the following points must be taken care of:

Since fetal surgery is such a delicate procedure, especially fetal heart surgery in india, it must only be done when there is a high risk associated with the problem which might culminate into something severe after birth.

Therapy testing. A therapy session can be advocated before coming to a decision. If the fetus reacts well to the therapy then a probable intervention won't be needed at all.

A complete evaluation of the fetus must be done to find out if the disease is mild or severe. A severe disease will need immediate intervention in comparison to a mild one, for which a surgery can be performed after birth.

Experiments are still being conducted in this field along with world class research so that the procedure can become a part of mainstream medicine.



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