Know the Fixed Deposits (FDs): Types, Suitability and Advantages

Fixed deposits are arguably the most popular investment option among Indians. It should be a part of your investment portfolio, regardless of whether you are a beginner or a seasoned investor. This is because of the many advantages that come with a FD account:

Fixed deposits add stability to your portfolio as they are among the safest investment options available. You should use them to balance your riskier investments and lower the overall risk exposure of your portfolio.

Fixed deposit accounts earn an assured return and there is no risk of losing the principal amount. This allows you to plan ahead and build a corpus for a large expense as required.

FD rates on deposits already made are not linked to the performance of the market, and you do not have to worry about the many fluctuations.

You can opt for a periodic interest payout to manage your regular expenses, as required.

No TDS is deducted on the interest earned on your fixed deposit account up to ₹10,000 per year.

Most fixed deposit accounts offer a loan against fixed deposits as well. This loan can be up to 75% of the total principal deposited in your fixed deposit accounts. As the deposit acts as a collateral for these loans, the interest charged can be very attractive as well.

Fixed deposits are considered near-liquid as you can make a premature withdrawal from your fixed deposit account at a nominal fee deducted as a penalty on the fixed deposit rate earned.

FD rates are higher for senior citizens compared to other depositors for the same tenure.

Types of Fixed Deposit

Broadly, fixed deposits account can be classified into three types:

1. Cumulative Deposit: The interest earned on these types of fixed deposit accounts is credited to the fixed deposit annually. It is paid out on maturity along with the principal. As the interest gets compounded, your savings can grow rapidly over the years. This is a great option for anyone planning to build a corpus towards a large expense like education or wedding.

2. Non-cumulative Deposit: The interest earned on these types of fixed deposit accounts is paid out to the depositor at an agreed-upon frequency. The frequency of the payment can be set as monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual. The regular interest payments supplement your regular income can be used to meet your daily expenses as required.

3. Tax Saving FD: This is a special type of cumulative fixed deposit which has a lock-in period of five years. It can be used to save tax under section 80C of the Income Tax Act. No partial or premature withdrawal is allowed under this scheme. This is a great option if you have no utilized the limit available under Section 80C. Among all the options available under 80C, tax-saving FDs have the lowest lock-in periods. Remember that tax-saving FDs are illiquid and you should opt to invest in these only if you are okay with the money being locked up for five years.



The Best andHighly Affordable SAP Training from Croma Campus

Croma Campus is offering the most effective and innovative SAP trainingto all the needy students. Our training services are highly effective for giving the best support to the students. Our SAP Training will help you to get the most training support from the industry experts. The training course will give you a brief understanding of the SAP tool and its industrial implementations. We will teach you the working of all SAP modules in an effective manner. The training course is developed to make the students experts in their domains. Whether you want the SAP Training Institute in Noida for any module, we will give you the training course for the same.

This training course will help the students to easily know the working procedures of SAP modules. We are giving you the best support from our side and making the students proficient in handling the SAP tools in the companies.

The course is prepared by keeping all the important aspects of SAP modules in the course content. The teaching staff is capable to handle all the training works effectively. So, join the Croma campus and get the best training environment to understand the working of this great business tool.

What you’ll learn in this training?

The training consists of all the modules which you may need to learn. Whichever SAP module you want to understand, we will give you the training course for the same. Various things which you will learn in this training are as follows.


We will train you to use ABAP language easily and effectively. This training course will make you fully prepared to use SAP ABAP in the real-time industry. The SAP ABAP training course is highly helpful for the people who want to start their career in the field of SAP ABAP. This training course will let you know how we set up the SAP ABAP to use the SAP modules effectively.


SAP HANA (High-Performance Analytical Appliance) which helps the companies to easily process huge amounts of real-time data. We are covering this SAP module under our training course and advanced training staff.


We also provide the students with the best SAP FICO (Finance and Cost Controlling) module training too. This training course helps the students to easily know the applications of this module in the companies. We will make you an expert in this module is very less time once you come to us for learning it.


We also give you the training course for learning the SAP PP (Production Planning) module. This course will help you to easily understand all the works related to a company’s production.


Croma Campus is also offering the most innovative SAP MM (Material Management) training course to the students. The course is backed by advanced staff and highly precise course content. This course will make the students expert in handling all the works related to the material management inside a company.


We are also providing the students with a great SAP HCM (Human Capital Management) training course. The course is good to get the best training facilities for understanding the working of this module. SAP HCM is one of the most utilized and popular modules in this field. By giving these training facilities to the students, we are making them capable to handle most of the human resource tasks.

SAP Sales and Distribution

Croma Campus is also ready to give its students the world-class training facilities for understanding the workings of the SAP Sales and Distribution module. In this training course, we make our students proficient in handling all the tasks related to the sales and distribution inside a company.


We are also providing the students with the best SAP QM (Quality Management) training services too. This training is good to get a brief exposure to this important module effectively. Our training services are good to understand all the working parameters of SAP QM in an easy manner.

Why Choose Our Training Services?

Croma Campus is a highly expert and versatile training institute providing the best training services for SAP. With the help of our advanced training staff and other facilities, we give great training support to our students effectively. Our training services are designed to help the students easily understand all the concepts of SAP modules in easy manners.

Smart Labs

We do not only give the theoretical training to the students but also with the help of practical sessions. With the help of our advanced labs and great infrastructure, we ensure the healthy delivery of all the training content to our students. With our laboratories, we make our students ready to tackle all the real-time problems which may arise while working in the industry.

Expert Trainers

Croma Campus has a team of well-qualified and experienced trainers. The teachers give the best training support to the students for understanding all the concepts properly. Our training services are highly popular and effective in providing best-in-class training support to the students.

Placement Services

Croma Campus also gives the best placement services to the students once their training completes. We have a great staff who always stay ready to give high-end training facilities. So, when you are finished with your training course, our placement staff stay ready to give the best support to you.

Advanced study material

We use the latest teaching strategies to teach the students with these important SAP modules. We give both online and offline study materials to the students and make support them while understanding all the concepts of SAP.

We welcome each student who is interested to understand all the aspects of SAP. Not only the SAP training in Noida, but we are ready to give you the placement assistance too. You will also receive a certification once the training completes. As a certified and licensed training institute, we have all the facilities for you that can make you an expert in SAP easily.



Benefits of Online trading platforms to investors

Shares and other securities traded on the primary and secondary market provides necessary opportunity to investors and traders to invest their surplus amounts on one hand and earn substantial profits on the investment. Stock market where securities are traded can be physical or virtual in nature. Physical stock exchange is a place or an establishment where brokers and traders buy and sell securities. Being physical in nature, stock brokers need to be actually present at the stock exchange for locking the deal with various buyers and sellers of securities.

Moreover, trading at physical stock exchange provides an added benefit of receiving real time information about stock material securities prices fluctuations. An individual can buy and sell securities at a physical stock exchange with ease.

Moreover, with the advent of various technological solutions of trading, one can invest in securities like shares and debentures through online trading platform. Such platform allows both brokers and intraday traders to buy and sell securities using the online system of trading. Best online trading platform ensures investment through an online procedure of investment.

 Moreover, online investment procedure proves to be more effective, efficient and hassle free. One can select the number of shares to be traded and favorable value at which they want to buy and sell securities. 

Individual investors can deal in any type of security using the online trading platform which provides following benefits:

Investment in comfort of their homes:

An individual or trader can invest in any type of security using the online trading platform available on smart devices and personal computers. Various companies provide online trading platforms which can be used for investment in securities through comfort of their homes. An individual can invest in any security from anywhere using any device at his/her own convenience.

Easy and hassle free:

Investment through online trading platform proves to be easy and hassle free. Moreover, the investment procedure eliminates the need for any kind of middlemen which makes the process less time consuming and costly. The procedure of investment through online trading platforms proves to be hassle free and very easy to understand.

Lower chances of fraud:

Online trading platform combine both convenience of investment with the security of receiving returns on selling securities. Moreover, one can be sure of zero chances of fraud or any other kind of fraudulent activity like embezzlement etc. Online trading platforms are governed by rules and norms of of security and exchange board of India (SEBI) and other regulatory bodies. This reduces chances of any kind of loss through fraudulent activity.

Real time monitoring system:

Online trading platform also provide an additional benefit of real time price fluctuation monitoring system. An individual investor and broker can keep a close look out on any kind of favorable and unfavorable price changes through online real time monitoring system. Professional websites provide such benefits at reasonable amount of subscription fee.

Apart from all the above benefits, best online trading platform provide greater control and flexibility to investors and brokers on their investment decisions and portfolio. The ability to transfer and receive funds upon buying and selling of shareholding with greater ease and speed makes online trading platform more preferable than physical stock exchange.



Is Germany's health care system a model for the U.S.?

Americans are split regarding exactly how to spend for treatment and also insurance coverage, a concern that will certainly remain to be disputed fiercely as governmental prospects proclaim their prepare for upgrading the country's healthcare sector.

Whether the "repair" is discovered in the Affordable Care Act, exclusive insurance coverage, "Medicare for all" or something entirely various, some Americans are indicating healthcare systems in various other affluent nations as versions.

One such nation is Germany. Courtney Reich, 28, was detected with Type 1 diabetes mellitus in 2009. Although she got on her family members's medical insurance at the time, she claimed she needed to pay numerous bucks on a monthly basis for her insulin, which was needed for her survival. However when the Chicago indigenous relocated to Germany, Reich claimed she was surprised to find out both her insulin and also insulin pump were absolutely covered-- no out-of-pocket costs." As a trainee at a public college in Germany, I immediately got the general public healthcare system,"Reichclaimed."I was truly shocked

that whatever required to deal with my diabetic issues was covered, 100 percent."Reich stated she could not aid sensation like a drainpipe on the nation's system, and also shared those sensations to her German close friends. They guaranteed her they merely watched wellness

treatment in a different way."It's regarding having a safeguard, due to the fact that tomorrow you do not recognize what can take place,"Reich informed NBC News.

The ones that have the ability to pay even more, pay even more. And also the ones that aren't able to pay that much, do not pay that much. 6 years later on-- still residing in Germany-- Reich has actually welcomed the suggestion of a safeguard. "I do not require to bother with insane things showing up month to month. I would certainly instead be paying a stable cost and also understanding I'm secure, "she claimed.

Read more about medical tourism in Germany in Alsulami Careالسياحة العلاجية في ألمانيا
Concept of uniformity Germany has what's called a global multi-payer healthcare system. It includes both legal medical insurance for individuals that gain much less than a specific wage, along with personal medical insurance for those that make even more as well as select to acquire their very own. 

Companies and also their workers spend for a lot of the healthcare system in Germany via costs. All employees add regarding 7.5 percent of their income right into a public health and wellness insurance policy swimming pool. Companies match that 7.5 percent payment.

This"all for one and also one for all" technique to healthcare has origins between Ages, when German artisans paid right into one fund that was utilized to assist any one of its participants in situation a person came to be unwell or experienced monetary difficulty.

What is a high insurance deductible health treatment strategy? The ideological background resides on in the modern-day German system. Every person covered by legal insurance policy has an equivalent right to treatment.

"We are one huge neighborhood," claimed Dr. Henning Baberg, a cardiologist and also the clinical supervisor of Helios Hospital Berlin-Buch. "The ones that have the ability to pay even more, pay even more. As well as the ones that aren't able to pay that much, do not pay that much."

"But they all obtain the very same therapy," he included.

Baberg likens the distinction in between legal and also personal medical insurance in Germany to the distinction in between economic climate and also organisation course on an airline trip.

Exact same trip, exact same airplane, exact same safety and security account.

And also the system enforces stringent limitations on out-of-pocket expenses, substantially decreasing the variety of shock clinical expenses. The optimum copay for prescription medicines has to do with $10 or $11.

Traveling company course

Helene as well as Michael Sula, both initially from Dallas, are likewise expatriates like Reich. Unlike Reich, nonetheless, they spend for exclusive medical insurance.

The Sulas selected to stay in Germany for its main European area, and also were benefiting from the nation's distance to the Austrian Alps when Helene tore her former cruciate tendon, or ACL, while winter sports.

"When I dropped, I really did not believe it was that negative," Helene Sula, 32, remembered. "It had not been up until a male came near me and also stated, 'We're mosting likely to require to transform your leg back the various other method' that I understood something poor had actually taken place."

The pair stated Helene Sula was fortunate to discover a physician that can do an MRI rapidly as soon as back in Germany; a lot of areas they called were scheduled for weeks-- an usual drawback for optional treatments. They attributed their personal medical insurance not just with obtaining a speedy medical diagnosis, however additionally demanding having the very best cosmetic surgeon readily available to do the procedure required to fix her damaged knee.

Helene Sula, 32, tore her ACL while snowboarding in Europe, and also was dealt with by medical professionals in Germany. She paid around $2,000, contrasted to a comparable previous therapy in the U.S. for which she paid around $14,000.

Courtesy of Helene Sula"There's a cost distinction, naturally, yet it's your knee, so we believed we would certainly invest a little added cash money to obtain the very best physician offered," Michael Sula claimed.

The expense for whatever pertaining to Helene Sula's knee surgical treatment had to do with $2,000, compared to $14,000 for the exact same therapy in America.

In spite of some language obstacles, the Sulas claimed the German healthcare system was very easy to browse.

Ought to the U.S. take on Germany's setup?Health treatment market specialists in the United States claim the German system is a fine example of an employer-based version of clinical insurance coverage."No one pays greater than 2 percent of their household earnings for out-of-pocket healthcare expenses"in Germany, claimed Robin Osborn, supervisor of the International Health Policy as well as Practice Innovations program at The Commonwealth Fund."And if you're unwell, if you're persistantly ill, it's one percent. Nobody declares bankruptcy in Germany as a result of treatment prices

,"she stated. However Osborn does not suggest the U.S. duplicate Germany's or any kind of various other nation's healthcare system and also embrace it right here. Nobody declares bankruptcy in Germany due to

treatment prices."It's essential to bear in mind that we do have exceptional healthcare in the United States.

We have pockets of quality. We have actually incorporated distribution systems that

are the envy of the globe,"sheclaimed.



Opening a Merchant Account in 7 Simple Steps

A retailer looking to set up shop online and begin taking card payments must worry about a merchant account and how to create one.

 Even physical store retailers want a credit card processing solution because the contemporary shopper does not always carry cash with them.

But how can an entrepreneur build a functional merchant account and begin accepting cards in their premises? This write-up will breakdown everything from scratch to the end, to help you understand the account opening process.

Merchant Account: What is it?

It is more or less a contract between a merchant, or retailer, and an acquiring bank. The arrangement enables the retailer to process and take payments made through credit cards. 

Entering this contract means agreeing to comply with all regulations stipulated by card brands such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc. 

The ability to transact credit card payments exposes a business to a whole new group of customers because many of them prefer to pay through plastic cards.

Opening a Merchant Account

Account providers vary in terms, rates, and services. And though the best pricing and terms may depend on other factors—such as the size, type, revenue, and processing past of your business—here are some things every merchant should consider;

1. Pick the credit card brands. Analyze and compare card brands keeping your target market in mind. Pick a card brand that is well-liked by your audience. Studies show Visa is the favorite card in more than 100 nations, MasterCard is number two. 

2. Choose a payment collection model. Payments can be collected either as one-off transactions or recurring billing. Choose based on your business's and client's needs. Provide both options if possible and applicable. Lastly, check and compare rates for an affordable offer.

3. Evaluate your revenue. Banks set rates based on a business's revenue. Prepare a year, or six months of your company’s card revenue and financial standing to give your would-be acquiring bank a clearer picture.

4. Look for a bank. Local banks are the best for native businesses because they operate within the same rules under which the company is registered. Plus, they offer better rates than a global bank would. For brands looking to take payments globally, a payment gateway is a better option than trying to open native banks in each nation you trade in.

5. Organize your retail website. Build your site in a unique domain to conform to card brand requirements. Always makes sure the checkout stage is safe, and shipment options and terms are clear. 

6. Prepare Documents. Gather all documents that matter. The credentials vary from one bank to another. Make sure to find out and prepare all the important documents your acquirer mayneed beforehand.

7. Apply for a merchant account. Complete the application form and submit these with your pre-gathered credentials. The acquiring bank will check your application form and accept or reject your application. Be ready to pay related fees such as account-opening fees. Also, watch out for charges like per-month and decline fees, not counting chargeback and refund charges. Go through your account provider's terms and conditions to avoid unexpected expenses.

Wrapping Up

Follow these steps to create a fully functional merchant account in the shortest time possible. Always compare options wisely to avoid expensive solutions that will compromise your business rather than give it an edge.

Author Bio: Payment industry guru Taylor Cole is a passionate payments expert who’s assisted hundreds of retailers get the best merchant account offers. He also writes non-fiction, on subjects ranging from personal finance to stocks to cryptopay. He enjoys eating pie in his backyard porch, as should all right-thinking people.



Smart Ways to Keep your Baggage Safe While Travelling

Travelling can get daunting at times, especially if you are carrying multiple belongings. The reason behind this could be the extra cost incurred for carriage of travel bags in flight, extra care required in handling luggage, and threats associated with the safety.

Consequently, individuals need to think of smart ways that can help them safeguard their luggage while travelling. Using durable bags, proper tags and locators especially while traversing through busy transit points like airports as well as acquiring a baggage insurance policy to protect from any financial loss caused is one of the smartest decisions one can take while on travel.

Furthermore, users looking to ensure the safety of their luggage while travelling can refer to these tried and tested methods.

Ways to protect baggage on travel –

       Use a lock that best protects your baggage

Find the perfect locks for your luggage out of the several options available in the market like key locks, cable locks, combination locks, key card locks, retractable locks, etc. It is essential to prevent unauthorised access of the belongings you might be carrying while travelling.

While these locks protect your belongings from getting stolen, there still is a possibility of loss or theft of baggage itself. Hence, purchasing a personal belongings insurance plan can be a smarter way to secure any financial loss you might witness during your tour. Also, the premium amount to be paid is nominal for all-encompassing policies like personal trip effects cover, making it a smart option. This can also aid you financially if there is a cancellation of flight.

       Consider buying durable baggage for use

Purchasing durable baggage may not secure you from loss or theft of baggage but can protect you against any damage caused to the baggage while travelling from one place to another. Travel bags may get mishandled during transit, and a durable bag will make sure your baggage and the belongings inside doesn’t get damaged. 

       Purchase a baggage insurance plan

Several users find it a convenient and smart way to keep luggage safe while travelling as they can claim financial compensation against their lost or damaged baggage. Acquiring a baggage insurance policy from leading financial institutions and NBFCs will be effective as you will be provided with the required financial aid to meet the financial loss.

Subsequently, an individual can opt for a baggage insurance policy to avail the following benefits –

        Individuals can claim financial coverage of up to Rs. 50,000 at a nominal premium rates.
        Customers availing the policy have multiple payment options to choose from, making premium payment a hassle-free affair.
        Insured individuals, as well as their family members, can claim coverage for any loss caused to the travel baggage because of any accidents or mishaps.
        The baggage insurance policy can further provide financial coverage for the contents inside the baggage that gets missing or damaged during transit.

Acquiring the compensational benefits will help candidates cope up with the monetary setback associated with loss or damage of baggage. 

       Purchase a baggage tracker

Baggage trackers can be helpful as the lost or stolen baggage can be found easily with the device shows the approximate position of the object. However, these equipment comes with a hefty price tag.

In cases where you don't wish to invest hefty amounts, you can opt for a domestic travel insurance that will provide financial aid against travel emergencies and loss/ damage of baggage at affordable yearly premium rates.

Hence, candidates travelling to various destinations in India can pre-plan and secure their baggage using locks, durable carry-ons, and availing insurance plans. Policies like personal effects coverage can be availed by individuals to ensure they get the financial help required for not only the luggage but also the contents of the bag that might get damaged or lost.



Chiffon bridesmaid dresses that match wedding gowns

In everyone’s life, a wedding is one of the most beautiful and much-awaitedevents. Of course, it comes in everyone's life for the one time only. There is not even a single person on this planet who does not get excited about his or her wedding. 

In a wedding, the bride is considered as the princess of the day and the groom is considered as the hero of the day. But the bride makes the day more colourful along with her bridesmaid.

Of course, selecting the best dress for the bride is much important. But selecting the best dress for the bridesmaid is also as much as important for the bride herself. Obviously, the bride will wear the dress only once I.e., on her wedding day only but the bridesmaid dresses can be easily worn on the other events also which usually involves evening parties, in-house parties, get together parties and many more. So, one should select the dress for the bride with the utmost care.

The bridesmaid dresses UK are usually made in a variety of colours such as green, yellow, pink, blue, red, peach and many other colours. Although, it is not necessary to select from these colours only. But a bridesmaid should select the soft coloured dress with the elegant touch only. When it comes to bridesmaid dresses, there isa number of options to choose from. But according to me, chiffon bridesmaid dresses are the best dress for a bridesmaid to wear.

Chiffon is basically a fabric which is the perfect blend of polyester, nylon, cotton, silk and a simple weave with the faint shimmer. Due to the heavy blend, it is a bit difficult to work on the chiffon clothes because they have a slippery nature. But after the complete finishing, there is nothing beautiful than this.

Variety of chiffon bridesmaid dresses:

Of course, chiffon dresses are wonderful options, which can be picked by the bridesmaid. But it is important to know the various options available in the chiffon dress. Let’s know further.

·         Chiffon strapless soft neckline, with the asymmetrical finish
·         Chiffon sexy scoop neckline with shoulder straps
·         Chiffon strapless straight neckline bridesmaid dresses
·         Chiffon dresses with one shoulder on
·         Chiffon sweetheart neckless dresses
·         Chiffon strapless dropped neckline dresses

Although, it is advised that bridesmaid should match the style and format of the bride's attire. But, you can also choose your own style and colour depending on your interest. According to experts, always try to choose the modest and formal looking dresses for the bridesmaid. As per the theme of the wedding, you can make it strapped or strapless, floor-length, short length, knee-length.

 If you will have a look at the chiffon red bridesmaid dresses online, you will definitely find the cheapbridesmaid dresses. Do you know, you can set your budget and select the affordable range dress within the same budget only. Suppose, if you liked the burgundy bridesmaiddresses from the colour chart, you can simply tick on your size and order it for you.



Blockchain and Bitcoin: The future of banking?

10% of the world’s GDP will exist on blockchain orblockchain-related technology by 2025, according to the world Economic Forum.

This data point should be enough to a paint a bright picture of blockchain technology in the future. The time span – from 2008 (when Bitcoin came to existence) to present— has brought numerous transformations in the industry. Apart from making transactions more transparent, Bitcoin was clearly heading toward disrupting the banking industry, taking control away from banks.

Not just banking, blockchain technology has been disruptive for several other industries, but banking and finance sector remains the highest benefactor of the blockchain technology. The way Bitcoin has emerged – secure, safe, and transparent system for payment – it has paved way for innovation, making banking infrastructure more robust, processes efficient, and business more profitable.

The burgeoning value of Bitcoin and increasing adoption of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin has already proved be beneficial to the industry.

Since 2008, Bitcoin and blockchain have come a long way. Here’s a peek into the predicted future of blockchain

1.      In the first half of 2019, blockchain-based start-ups have amassed $783 million in funding, according to Statista
2.      Around 66% of organizations are interested in blockchain based development.
3.      Investment in blockchain is expected to reach $11.7 billion by 2022.

Blockchain in banking 
Secure transactions is one aspect of banking, where blockchain has proved to beneficial. Other aspects of banking are yet rife with challenges. Fraud, theft, insurance claims, international transactions, customer identity verification, etc are areas where blockchain can play an important role.

1. Fraud –45% of financial intermediaries like stock exchanges, money transferring services, etc. are prone to frauds. Majority of banks keep their records on a centralized platform which can canbe accessed by hackers. Once hacked, they will have access to complete information. Using blockchain record can be kept safe and frauds can be reduced drastically. 

2. Know your customer – According to a Thomson Reuters Survey, financial institutions spend $60-$70 million on know your customer services and regulations. Blockchain can maintain a centralized database accessible by various banks and financial institutions to verify identity and credentials of customers. Thus, avoiding repetition of KYC process by other companies. These services are undertaken to avoid money laundering and terrorism activities. This will cut cost dramatically.

3. Settlement and clearing – Loan and securities record are stored on web by investment banks and require millions of dollars to operate and run. At present, this is managed by manual reconciliation and messages. Shifting these records on blockchain will make the process seamless. Australian Stock Exchange is in the process of moving its post-trade clearing and settlement on block chain.

4. Trading platforms –Trading is rife with fraud and operational errors. Using a blockchain-based trading platform, operational errors and fraud will be reduced drastically. NASDAQ and the Australian Stock Exchanges are two stock exchanges which are looking to shift their processes onto development, and cut costs and improve efficiencies.

5. Digital payment – Traditional payment system involves a manual money counting and keep records, which makes it susceptible to human errors. These errors have led to losses. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have paved a new way for digital payment and eradicated the possibility of errors to a significant extent, leading cryptocurrency and blockchain industry to thrive.

Bitcoin and blockchain both have given banking and finance sector a new direction to steer toward.