6 Tourist Destinations That You Must Visit in Thailand in 2019

Have you finally made up your mind about travelling abroad? Then there are some of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand that you should visit in 2019. These destinations will give you a true experience of what Thailand is all about. Read on!

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Let's Continue Reading About the Top Six Places to Visit in Thailand in the Year 2019.

1. Beaches

Out of all the popular travel locations that Thailand has to showcase, its beaches are on top of every list. Besides, the country has a number of different beaches where you can enjoy water activities like snorkelling and diving. Therefore, if you have borrowed a personal loan for travel, make sure you spend something on visiting the beautiful beaches in Thailand.

2. Floating Markets

Another major attraction that you can see in Thailand is its floating markets. One of the most popular of them all is the Damnoen Saduak floating market. It is a hundred-year-old marketplace, which is visited by thousands of people each year. Moreover, it is not that costly that your abroad travel loan can’t cover its expenses.

3. Full Moon Party

If you want to have a little fun while you are in Thailand, try visiting the Full Moon Party in Haad Rin. These parties are organized on every full moon night where people can enjoy dancing and good food. It is a good option if you are on budget travel to Thailand. Besides, it does not require you to purchase any special passes, which will definitely help save your personal loan for travel funds.

4. Mu Ko Chang National Park

In case you want to visit a place that looks surreal and out of this world, then the Mu Ko Chang National Park is worth considering. The park spread across a group of 50 islands, where you can enjoy everything from wildlife safari to all night long parties. The visitor's fee is not that much and can easily be covered under your travel finance.

5. Night Bazaar

Do you crave good food during nights? Then the Night Bazaar in Thailand can be a great place to visit. One of the most famous night markets of the country is the Chiang Mai. Here, you will be able to buy souvenirs, clothes, and jewellery as well. However, it is known for its local street food stalls that are spread throughout the marketplace. It is quite inexpensive, which is why your abroad travel loan limit will not take a hit.

6. Koh Tao

Not everyone goes to Thailand for partying. If you wish to relax while you are in Thailand, then try visiting the smallest island of the country known as Koh Tao. The Clearwater and beautiful stretch of beaches make this place a perfect getaway for you. What’s more, it is visited by thousands of couples each year and is a popular honeymoon destination.

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What You Should Consider When Hiring A Solicitor For Insolvency

Insolvency is a state or a situation wherein one is unable to pay their financial responsibilities. It's a complicated case because there are hundreds of reasons as to why a person or a company is in a financial crisis. While some can be solved with another opportunity, some needs a solicitor to help them face their legal battles and although there are so many insolvency advice and help that you can get, the fact of the matter is that the chances of winning can still vary and part of the factor is how good your help is.

There are many reasons as to why some get defeated in their legal battles and ended up bankrupt and in the slammer. And although some of it is because of the intention, the actions and the gravity of the case, the solicitor can also be a factor. That is why a good solicitor is very important to have to increase your chances of winning your case. But you should know that the more credible the solicitor is and the more wins they have, they can be costly versus other solicitors that have not yet proven themselves, or ones with underwhelming results.

Hire licensed insolvency practitioners: You should hire licensed professionals. Why? Its because professionals simply have the license. It's your protection and they will have a sense of liability. Thus it protects you and it also assures you that you are getting credible help. The fact is that, there are so many practitioners that are not licensed. If something wrong happened though you can make them liable on falsifying their documents and nothing more.

Offers free, no obligation advice: There are professionals that will ask you for a fee on a consult and that is their prerogative because there’s no law that states that they can't get a fee for a simple to advise. But there are also the ones that don't ask for any consult as a physician does. It actually depends on their reasons because there are some that will most likely direct you to their services, some want to rule out whether or not your case has a winning chance or they just genuinely care about your situation.

Has a tailored approach to your situation: The fact is that there are some that aren't customized with their process in handling various cases, including insolvency cases. But there are also ones that customize it to give you a more personalized approach. It's understandable though why some solicitors don't want to do this and that is because of its a very tasking process because there are things that need to be considered. But of course, you as a client does want customization and want to feel valued, thus look for ones that are willing to approach your case tailoring to your needs.

Insolvency cases are complicated, that is the reason why in order to sort it out for the most part, getting the help and insight of the law is needed. If you happen to be the defendant, you will need all the help that you need and although the cost is a big factor as to how you're going to decide where to get some help, there are also things that you need to consider like the ones mentioned above.



4 Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is quite famous in the natural health communities because of its varied uses in home remedies and for its health benefits, which are also supported by the science. Apple cider vinegar is made by adding yeast into apples which converts the sugar in the apples into alcohol.  Later, the process of fermentation is carried out by adding bacteria into the mixture. Here are the benefits one can avail from it.


It is used as a preservative to extend the shelf life of food items as it fights the bacteria from growing, keeping the food edible. The acetic acid in vinegar kills the microbes and prevents the food from spoiling. So a layer of apple cider vinegar on cucumber and apples will make them last longer.


Due to its antibacterial body it can also be used for getting rid of bad smells and can work as an odour neutralizer.  Mix water and acetic acid in a misting spray bottle and sprinkle it in the room.

Weight loss

Weight loss is one of the proven reasons why apple cider vinegar has come a long way. It is known for inducing satiety and improving the metabolism of the body. A glass of water with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar can contribute to weight loss over time. Although simply consuming it will not bring about drastic changes but you can incorporate apple cider vinegar in your dietary regime like Ketogenic, Atkins or Vegan for better result.

Facial Toner

Apple cider vinegar can do wonders for your skin. By striking the right pH balance of your skin, it can clear it up by reducing age spots and lightening acne scars.  You can try dabbing apple cider vinegar with cotton on your face and washing it with water after thirty minutes.

Mouth Wash

Acidic environment prevents bacteria from growing and so the presence of acetic acid in apple cider vinegar may reduce the growth of bacteria inside the mouth and help with bad breath. But keep in mind that apple cider vinegar can damage the tooth enamel so while making it, make sure to dilute it well.



A mutual fund can help you in saving tax

A mutual fund is considered as one of the ideal options present in the finance market, which offer high returns on even tiny investments. But for the investment to fetch you handsome returns, the only essential thing you need to focus on it and give ample time to it. The substantial flexibility offered by mutual funds regarding the withdrawal and the way of investment also makes it one of the best options available in the market. There are a bunch of companies in the market which offer high returns to the investor in the medium time period and with temperate risk.

Thet tax-free mutual fund:

Tax free mutual fund is also called an equity-linked saving scheme. In the mutual fund market, it is also referred as ELSS. ELSS is a must in the product list of almost all the AMC’s (asset management company). Common people who pay tax on their salaries can enjoy the privileges offered by these funds by investing their money in ELSS. If you invest 150000 in ELSS then according to the government rules, you will be exempted from paying the tax on the invested amount. Hence, this makes tax free mutual fund the preferred option because along with fetching you a handsome return on your investment it also reduces the burden of paying tax. The only limitation related to this fund is that you cannot withdraw your money for the next three years.

What are the available investment options?

A ton of options is open for the investor where he can invest his money in ELSS. Mainly, there are two ways of investing money –

1) Online mode
2) Offline mode

In the online option, all the processing has to be done by the investor himself. Usually, the people who are good at investing go for this option. Then the investor has to fill an online application form regarding his personal details along with sending the support documents to the organization through this platform only. The amount can be transferred through net banking, online fund transfer or from any other source.

The investor has to contact the company or the broker directly in case he chooses the offline mode. Then an application form has to be filled along with submitting a hard copy of documents to the company. The money can be transferred in the form of a cheque. After the transaction is successful, a folio is provided to the investor by the company where all the details related to the investment are mentioned. The investor can also know the nav (net asset value) of the allotted units, total amount, number of units and the number of the folio. Thus, the statement consists of a brief description of all the details of the investment.

Hence, a mutual fund is an ideal option for investors because of its transparent investment system and flexible payment options. The investor can know the NAV, which is altered daily through the company’s website or from the call centre. The investor can also choose SIP where he can pay the amount in instalments and also save money on tax.


Life Style

Reduce Your Workload-Reduce Stress

Stress is the most common side effect of too much work. Even if you have been handling it well for some time, it doesn't mean you should continue to let it stress you. If you can't get through a month without feeling drained, you may need help with your workload.

Naturally, job responsibilities tend to grow with time, especially when enterprises cannot hire additional help due to economic condition. Instead of adding more people to the team, organizations expect the current employees to take on more responsibilities and roles. While you may be able to take care of these responsibilities for a short while, there's only a limit to how much a person can do.

Therefore, it is crucial that you create boundaries, or the increase in workload can be overwhelming and stressful. The best way is to stay ahead of the game and follow the tips below to keep yourself stress-free and motivated in the office,.

Set Your Limits
The first and most important step to reduce workload and its associated stress is to acknowledge your limits. If you are burdened with an unrealistically heavy workload, realizing and admitting that you can't manage it all is imperative to get the situation under control.

Even if you somehow complete today's workload, chances are that your inbox could be much loaded the next day Setting boundaries to how much you can work will help you control the situation. Learn to say 'no' to people who are trying to overload you with work, or at least make sure you communicate your boundaries with them, so they only set realistic expectations from you.

Taking on more work to catch up could affect the quality of your work. This could affect you and your job in the long run. It is natural to miss deadlines and experience exhausted health if you keep doing excessive work.

Prepare Your List
Don't be overwhelmed with mounting work. This will only make handling work more difficult. In fact, a great way to deal with the growing workload is to make a list and write down everything beforehand.

Make a list of tasks, meetings, subtasks, and researchfor the day. This 'to-do' list will give you a clear idea of how you should manage your day and map out the tasks accordingly. It allows you to see the bigger picture to figure out if the deadlines set for the day will be met.

Making a list will also help you prioritize tasks based onurgency level. You can pinpoint deadlines and set realistic targets to get work done in time without getting overwhelmed.

Learn to Prioritize
Now that your 'to-do' list is ready, figure out if you can manage everything that's listed down. If not, pick the tasks that require your attention first. Also, it is important to accept and be at peace with the fact that some of the tasks on the list could be left undone.

According to business experts, this process is also known as 'workload triage'. The idea is to assess the tasks to figure out the tasks needs to get done in urgency and tasks that can be taken care of later.

Remember one thing, the simplest task isn't always the most important one. In fact, it's a trap, and it can consume more time finishing off simpler and unimportant tasks than important ones.

Here's an effective method of prioritizing designed by Franklin-Cover. This method requires you to highlight tasks based on the following:
  1. Important and urgent
  2. Important but not urgent
  3. Urgent but not important
  4. Neither important or urgent
Pass every task down from A to D to prioritize your list and work accordingly.

Use Helpful Tools
Work gets stressful when you do not have enough support to complete it on time. While you can always ask your teammates and subordinates to help you around, you can also rely on technology to boost your productivity.

Look for productive tools to see if you can benefit from using them. You can find tons of communication and collaborative tools to help you with work. Depending on your role at the workplace, you can also use other practical advances like tools for printing deposit slips, payroll services, and taking care of other time-consuming paperwork.

Take your time and find out the best tools that help you complete all the tasks in time and reduce your workload as well as work-related stress

Focus On One Thing At A Time
For career-oriented individuals, it is very common to feel tempted to take on more tasks than they can manage. For them, it is the best way to improve their importance in the workplace. While some people are actually good at it, multi-tasking is not for everyone.

In fact, in situations where there are different types of tasks, it becomes even more difficult to focus on several things at once. Instead of saving your time, it can divert your attention and complicate tasks even more.

Even if you are eager to climb up the corporate ladder fast, it is best to do one thing at a time and move onto the next task once you are done with the first one

Gain Motivation
Positivity is the key to success, while negativity leads to failure. Motivation is the positivity that can help you deal with work-related stress. Do anything that motivates you. It could be obtaining new IT trainingor certification like CCIE Data Center Certification​, CCIE Collaboration​ certification, or learning to use new tech to help with work. Motivation helps harness positivity and helps you achieve career and personal goals.

Motivation also helps you figure out the main reason you are putting yourself through the stress. Unlock your value, build momentum, and stay motivated to reduce your workload

Final Word
Don't hesitate in asking for help. Save yourself before you are weighed down with deadly deadlines and the immense level of workload. Communicate your limitation to your manager and do not let workload or stressmess up your quality of work. Speaking to your authorities about your difficultiescan help you with your situation.

These simple tips can really help make a difference. So try them out today!



Safety Guide: Avoid Getting Drunk while Drinking All Night

When all of your friends are having a good time drinking, it can be very difficult for you to know how much you want to drink. This might come as a very dangerous instance without you even noticing it, it can lead to a car crash or getting caught drink driving.

Here are effective tips to help you enjoy a few drinks without being extremely wasted.

Know and Set your limits

It pays to have a limit before you even start drinking. Know what your limit is and then plan the rest of your drinking session, how many drinks will you be taking tonight and stick to that number. Everyone’s alcohol tolerance differs from each other, so choose a number that works best for you, do not compare yourself with your other friends who have a higher tolerance for alcohol.  Consider also the budget you have going into the drinking session, sometimes drinks can be costly. Before you head out, check your money and make a smart decision about how much money you’re planning to spend drinking.

Avoid drinking too quickly

Drinking alcohol quickly makes it harder for you to know how it is affecting you. One way to do it is by swapping in water or a juice drink from time to time and in between the drinks. It also helps when you drink it slowly.

Avoid drinking rounds

Buying your friends a drink is always a kind gesture, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, when you are in a large group, buying them all drinks can quickly turn into a heavy, expensive drinking session. It also helps in avoiding shots, which is likely to get you drunk quick.

Nothing’s wrong when you say no.

The best way to sober up is to say no when you’ve had enough. Saying no when someone offers to buy a drink can save your life, and you might not recognize it by now. There are tons of consequences when you’re drunk, especially if your drunk drive. You can have your license suspended up to a period of 5 years, depending on the circumstance. If this happens always make sure to consult a drink drive solicitor for assistance.

Drink that water, eat that meal

Water can never go wrong when you’re drinking. For every alcoholic drink, make sure o sip a glass of water or a soft drink now and then. Don’t feel any pressure of explaining to your friends that it’s not alcoholic. It also pays to have a good meal before drinking, this will help absorb the alcohol in your body quick.

Focus on important things

If you’re drinking in a bar, try joining other activities while some of your mates are drinking. Play other things like playing pool, cricket, domino or darts. This will help you get off the drinking table once in a while allowing you to have an alcohol break, you never know when you might need one. Drinking while you have a problem, or in a bad mood won’t help either, it will not fix any of your problems. You should try doing something else that is relaxing, like talking to someone about any topic that interests both of you.



Exotic Tahitian Pearl versus Traditional White Pearls

Tahitian pearls are popular as black pearls. Usually, people choose white pearls for their jewelry but, even Tahitian pearls are great choice. They offer several advantages over white ones, so you can add a few black pearl jewelries to your collection. Tahitian or traditional pearls are a subject of debate for years in terms of style and investment option.

Exotic and precious

All Tahitian pearls are not black and all black ones are not Tahitian. Tahitian pearls got its name from the region they are cultivated - French Polynesian Island. Black lip oyster called Pintada Margaritifera create Tahitian pearls in dark colors with glowing undertones. As they are cultivated in a single geographical location, you can say they are rare and extremely precious.

Available in variety of dark hues

Authentic and certified Tahitian pearls are available in hues ranging from dark green to dark purple or dark grey. When you visit the store to buy one of the best pearl engagement earrings check the Tahitian collection and see how the greenish hues get reflected from the surface of the lustrous nacre. Some will be almost grey or silver and then black. Each real Tahitian pearl will differ in shape as well as size.

Bigger than traditional white pearls

The black lip oyster has more space for accommodating the growing pearl, so Tahitian rock is larger than the white freshwater and Akoya varieties. This makes them valuable, so never miss an opportunity if you discover good deals online.

Investment potential is higher because of its natural large size. This statement piece of black pearl jewelry will become a family heirloom or legacy one day.

Look stunning

Pink and white are classic pearls that little girls and big girls can wear. Nonetheless, Tahitian pearls are edgier choice that screams sophistication.

Durable luster in high quality black pearl

The top layer of pearls offers the lure and color reflexes have a tendency to depreciate overtime but the nacre deposit in Tahitian pearl is very thick. It means you can enjoy its total beauty and shine for many more years. Black pearls are more resistant than other pearl varieties.

Remember that, pearl authenticity and origin can make a lot of difference!


Home Improvement

Top 4 Reasons Why You Absolutely Need to Consider Jute Carpets for Your Homes

Home décor scene is witnessing a massive shift in focus tilting more towards sustainable and eco-friendly options. It is no surprise then that more and more homemakers are consciously choosing greener options to augment their interiors.

Even if you are not the one from the eco-friendly brigade, yet, by choosing the aesthetically pleasing natural floor coverings, you'll be able to add a cosmopolitan touch to your interior decoration settings.

Most of you might think that natural fibre options are limited to bamboo or at most cork, however, there are a plethora of other options available to make a choice from- The prominent ones include cotton, wool, seagrass and sisal.

Owing to its great strength and aesthetics, jute fibre has also consolidated its position in the interior décor scene which is the major reason behind the huge surge in the demand for jute rug and carpets. 

There are many other reasons which make jute the clear cut favourite amongst the league of natural fibres options- let us have a closer look at what makes it click so well.

1.     Soft and comfortable: Jute is one of the softest natural fibre carpeting options available to you. Being derived from a plant source yet its softness resembles so much with the wool. This particular quality puts the jute directly in the group of luxurious floor covering options.

Also, if you have toddlers or pets at your place, jute can double up as a rug to play on- Being soft in texture, it is safe for the delicate skin of babies and furry companions.

2.     Sustainability: Unlike synthetic fibresjute doesn't require fossil fuels for its production. In fact, it is plant derived and grows abundantly in the wastelands of India and Bangladesh without much of a care.

Further, jute is 100% sustainable and biodegradable- Plus it is grown in a manner which doesn't put unnecessary strain on our already dwindling natural resources.

If you happen to discard your old jute rug or carpet after few years of usage, you do not have to worry about its environmental effect. The material will disintegrate on its own within a span of a few days.

3.     Bring some nature inside: Jute is known to carry the element of nature inside it and by using the rugs and carpets made out of this material, you bring that ambience right inside your house. Earthen and rusty looks further add to the charm and augment the surroundings.

4.     Easy to clean and maintain: Jute rugs usually come in earthy tones hence, they are able to perfectly disguise the dirt, dust or any other residual material. Otherwise too, the cleaning part is simple and easy to execute. Vacuuming your carpets couple of times a week is good enough to keep them going for years together.

Also, try to keep the jute away from moisture and dry-cleaning works best for this material

It’s about time to experiment with these natural fibres and change the complete look and feel of your place. For more details, check out the rug carpets available near you. 



What Are The Main Reasons To Pick Vidmate?

Currently, most of the android users love to stream online videos in their widget. They use to spend a lot of time by browsing the net. At present, there are various kinds of Android-based applications accessible for video downloader. But vidmate is considered to be greatest among others. It is a accepted video streaming and downloading the app. By using this android user can search, stream and download favorite media file from video hosting sites. It supports more than 100 sites including YouTube. There is no restraint on how many videos to grasp. You can utilize this app on Android devices as well as Windows PC based on your alternative.

Why choose vidmate?

If you are one who hunting for the greatest video streaming app then vidmate is the accurate choice. It is presently obtainable for all android devices.  It performed well and gained a huge reputation among people all over the world. It is one of the preeminent and great entertainment applications in the market. It not only enables the user to grab online videos but also let them watch live TV shows or programs. One of the unsurpassed parts of vidmate is that it let you single out format and resolution based on your selection. Even you can hoard media file in high definition. Overall it is the paramount video streaming platform when evaluated to others.

What are the reasons to choose vidmate?

You can download any category of media files from online sites. Millions of people all over the world are using vidmate to save their favorite content files. This is because due to its unique features and ease of use. Using this application is quite a simple thing. It has become the primary source for many people in their leisure time. There are many re
asons to pick vidmate than others which are mentioned below:

ü  Download HD videos

One of the best features of vidmate is that you can download online videos in HD resolution. Even it also supports a low-quality option which takes up only low memory storage space. You can get content files from any sites as per your wish.

ü  Easy to operate

Using vidmate is so trouble-free and uncomplicated. You can easily search out any kind of content you need without spending much time. You will also get the notification about the new and recent contents.

ü  Cost-free download

The process of downloading is quite easy. You no need to pay or spend money to download amusement files from this effective platform. The video downloading is completely at free of charge. Even you can get many numbers of files at the same time.

ü  Simple interface

This effective tool has simple to use interface. Therefore searching content from online is a simple process. You can easily search out any sort of file you need by using vidmate.

ü  Can secure downloaded videos with passwords

By using vidmate you can get many numbers of files you need at any time. Once downloaded, you can watch it later in offline mode. This effective platform offers security feature. Therefore you can save your contents easily by passwords.